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Nobel of the Peace Can Go for Ireland (1998)

OSLO – a Swedish periodical yesterday raised the possibility of that the Prize Nobel of the Peace of this year goes for the articuladore of the process of peace in Ireland of the North, but, in the Norway, where the prize is granted, the organizadores had denied this hypothesis. The daily Meter designated yesterday that the invitation to the Irish group of Cranberries rock was clearly a signal of that the awarding of 1998, that it will be announced in the friday, will go for the craftsmen of the peace accord in the Ulster, stamped in April. The Meter observed that artists of the Middle East had touched in the 1994 ceremony, when the honored ones had been the Palestinian leader, the Israeli Yasser Arafat, and controllers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. In the passed year, it designated the daily one, the American Emmylou Harris sang in the delivery of Nobel to the activist antimines Jody Williams, of U.S.A., and to the International Campaign for the Banishment of the Mines Antipessoa. “none does not exist connection enters the invitation to the Cranberries and the prize. Irish music is very popular “, said the director of the Institute Nobel, Geir Lundestad. “We choose the artists before having any idea very on who we will be awardee.” Lundestad said that the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, the Canadian singer Alanis Morissette and the Norwegian group A-Ha had been invited for the show. (Reuters) Show of Irish group in the delivery ceremony would be signal of that prize will go for craftsmen of the agreement of the Ulster [ 1401 ]


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