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No Need To Argue: Hearing It In The Deep Heart’s Core (1994)

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by Liuyu3243

Surrounded by inspiring oceans, Ireland, a country full of mysteries and magic impresses us by many incredible voices, such as U2, Enya, Boy Zone, Cocteau Twins and, the Cranberries.

With its extraordinary religious atmosphere, cultivated sense of life, music from Ireland has been infected by introversive temperament and humane concerns, therefore, our souls will either rise into the heaven or sink into the blue sea.

There’s obvious to see Dolores O’Riordan, who sitting in sofa with three other band members, welcoming the particular Irish sunshine. Once again since , she chant lives, chant dreams, chant desperations, chant lovers, chant sunbeams, chant possessions, chant losses, even a withered daffodil. The unique drifting voice sounds as if it was taken from paradise above, easily intoxicated us without any doubt. No matter it is a sonorous descant, or simply a whisper; she certainly added gentleness of the breeze, clearness of the sky, immaculacy of the snow and the last rustling leaves onto our mind.

We don’t really need to care what exactly she’s singing, as long as we listen to the tracks, it seems like the bell ring in a country school, or springs from a high mountains. You can even feel the wonderland in the mist, which she keeps us lingering for a long time. Maybe we will find a great amount of sympathy that has enlaced us so far. Entire and perfect, the forthcoming rain by the Irish seashore, the atmosphere of silence in the evening, suddenly all these images are brought so close to us.

This is the Cranberries. Her vox is as artistic as Yeat’s poem goes, “While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey, I hear it in the deep heart’s core. “

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Posted by Dess

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