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MTV Interviews (1996)

Author: Kurt Loder

MTV Interview: 19 March

Kurt Loder: The Irish band The Cranberries will have a new album out at the end of April, called “To The Faithful Departed,” and, as the title suggests, it’s a tribute to persons of the deceased persuasion — including among it’s tracks a song called “I Shot John Lennon.” Material for the album was no problem, according to singer Dolores O’Riordan, because she and guitarist Noel Hogan have a substantial backlog of tunes from which to draw.

Dolores O’Riordan: We wrote them over the past two years. Just kinda like “No Need To Argue” was written the two years between the first album and that. We write on the road, so that’s pretty easy. I do the majority of the writing in my bedroom, alone, and then when we co-write together we do that in Sound Check. It’s just two different ways. So that thereis no, uh, there is never, like, a lack of inspiration, or you know, lack of, we never get stuck really. We actually have songs we never got to record, you know, that kind of thing.

Kurt Loder: The Cranberries’ new single, “Salvation,” will be out in early April.

From 1 May:

Hi, I’m Kurt Loder with MTV News. Ireland’s Cranberries released their third album on Tuesday, a record called “To the Faithful Departed.” The first video is called “Salvation;” and singer Dolores O’Riordan told us that one track, called “Free to Decide,” which is about the media’s treatment of pop musicians, was actually inspired by an example in her own life, in which her exhaustion forced the Cranberries to cancel some shows after 14 months on the road, and she was slammed by the hacks. Here’s the tale.

Dolores: The media started giving me a really hard time. There were just pictures of me kind of shopping, packing my groceries, on the front cover of all the magazines, all the Irish papers and stuff like that. And it was just kind of really bitchy on their behalf. And they were just saying that I was being a little pop star, and I was pulling the Irish shows — not caring, obviously, about how I felt as I person, as one side of the media can be like that. It can be very insensitive and uncaring towards many types of artists, you know? Kurt Loder: Now touring Asia, Cranberries will be hitting the road here this summer.

From 6 May:

Ireland’s Cranberries again attempt weighty thoughts on their new album, “To The Faithful Departed,” with one track, called “I Just Shot John Lennon,” climaxing with the sound of gunfire. As for the rest of the album’s not-so-cheery contents, singer and co-songwriter Dolrу O’Riordan recently had these reflections.

MTV: With a title like “To The Faithful Departed,” you expect the Cranberries to be dealing with the topic of death, and they do; but there are also songs about love and life and “Salvation,” the first single takes on all three in what some could see as a “just say no to drugs” anthem for the 90’s.

Dolores: It’s not so much like an anti-drug song. It’s kind of anti- the idea of becoming totally controlled by anything, any substance at all, because I know what’s it’s like. And it wasn’t a nice experience and it didn’t get me anywhere. It just confused me more.

MTV: So you tried some of these drugs that you were talking about in the song. Dolores: Oh no, I didn’t try heroin. I was just trying to find the answer in getting out of it, whether it was drinking or whatever. I’m not going to elaborate. But it just, basically, any substances don’t really help. Reality is reality, and unfortunately, no how much you go away, you come back, and it’s always here.

MTV: Two of the albums’ tracks were debuted last year, during the Cranberries MTV “Unplugged” performance. One of them, called “I’m Still Remembering,” was written six months after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

Dolores: It was kind of sad how, you know, sometimes, when people die, you expect there to be a silence. But there wasn’t a silence. You know what RIP means. It means “rest in peace.” And I suppose it was kind of sad because nobody seemed to want to let it be. Everybody was just like, boom! It was just a big media thing, so it was kind of sad.

MTV: Other tracks on the album deal with such somber issues as the war in Bosnia, and the children who are victims of war — all of which seems to have affected Dolores, who we asked if she considered bringing children into such a world.

Dolores: I think it’s debatable. I love kids and I would love to but, it’s a pretty miserable old planet, all the same. Man! (laughs) But I imagine having kids and it’s like, there’s so much crap going on. Right now, I couldn’t deal with that pressure. So I’ll hold off for a few years.

KURT: The Julie Andrews of her generation. Now touring Asia, the Cranberries will be launching a US tour in late summer.

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