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It seems Like Yesterday (2002)

Translated from Spanish by Magda

It’s been 10 years since they the world became to known them. With “Stars” their new album, they fulfill every requisite of a Great Band: Give the gift of all their hits to their fans and defend them in a great world tour.

While promoting in Madrid- We would’ve like to speak with Dolores, voice and soul of the musical group onto which she entered when it had been created, and to which undoubtedly gave a touch of grace, but because of her exhaustion , all we got was a discrete smile, hidden behind an strict black uniform. How ever the rest of the group responded to our questions and excused the absence of the singer. “Yesterday, Dolores gave 16 interviews and we help her with half of them, but she is here , we are also here < signaling again>. It is a relief for us that Dolores takes care of most of the promoting labors. Life is easier for us than it is to her. When it comes to interviews, photo sessions, videos, we only have to bear it for an hour and she takes care of the rest. It is important that it is the singer, and may be, because she is the only girl, it becomes more interesting There is no jealousy, we are aware that she is carrying the image of the group, and that fact has it’s positive side also, but we go home earlier. In fact, on occasions, we feel bad, because, we realized that Dolores is carrying the group more, but for us, the band was formed because we like music, our objective was not to be on the covers of magazines of the heart”.

The bad moments are left behind, moments when it was believed, there would not released another record together. “When we decided to take a pause, we did not know if it was only and interruption or the end. But for a whole year we each worked independently and then we would hear what we did, exchanged tapes, that later became the song that gave form to our next album, and with that album we buried the war hatchet”. In Stars there are included two new songs that may taste like to little to their fans that would hope that along with the hits they would put their hands on something new or something hard to get. “Everything that was not included in the album will be included in a future record. In fact, there is the project of editing the whole sessions with every side B. In Stars you will find the singles for the last 10 years, because that is something our fan s would like, and it is a good way for other people to get to know the cranberries. When you want to know how a band sounds like you go and buy their best of album, and then if you like what you hear, you keep buying their albums.

The new song that entitles the album Stars, is the perfect single to present a new work from the Cranberries, and New New York, is the other new track, that is perhaps the most angry and with a strong guitar sound to it that the cranberries have presented since Zombie. “It was very difficult to bring this song out, it took months to get the right tone, but before the image of a devastated New York, Dolores tried something, she presented it to us and we liked it.” In the end they show their real spirit when they say: “We are Irish, and in Ireland we drink whisky. So we learn to work never minding the hangover.

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