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Dolores & The Cranberries are giving all themselves (29.04.02)

Translated by MB_Number5

March 29 2002 – The Heineken Music Hall was filled to the roof. The patience of the fans of The Cranberries was put to the test for a long time, because it’s been a while since the Irish folky guitar band was on Dutch ground. It was also quiet around The Cranberries when it comes to albums and since ‘Bury The Hatchet’ (’99) we didn’t hear much from the band and the charismatic eye catcher Dolores O’Riordan anymore. 2002 marked the return with a new record ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’ and a new tour. On march 29 the band arrived for a single gig. It was a bit tense at first because there was a chance that the show might be cancelled, not less than three band members were caught by flu. It was impossible to notice that on the stage, ‘cause Dolores O’Riordan & co seemed to have more energy than ever. Dressed in a short mini skirt and short dark hair Dolores entered the stage and jumped around like there was no cloud in the sky. A strong voice (which has been different in the past) and a perfect sound and the band launched a lot of old and new songs in a ninety minutes during performance. An enthusiastic audience that loved to celebrate the return of the Irish quartet, sang and clapped along with most of the songs. It was very obvious that the band isn’t put out by a long shot yet, and that they will celebrate their 10 year old jubilee in 2003 in a joyful way.

(This site looks really horrible, but this is where I got the concert review (Heineken Music Hall, from the magazine “Zij Aan Zij”) from. There’s a beatiful picture of Dolores on it from 2002 with the Stars-logo. I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe you did. There are more pics on it, but they are all regular (But still great!)

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