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Dolores, Solo, but Missing The Cranberries (2002)

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Dolores, vocalist of the Cranberries, is still working on her solo career, but she says she misses her band.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Dec. 7, 2005.- One of the guest artists for the Christmas concert that had place last week in the Vatican was the Irish vocalist of the Cranberries, who commented to the media her future plans, where she does not rule out a return to the stages, but not for the moment.

Yes, Dolores O’Riordan, the vocalist of The Cranberries, still works on her solo career; nevertheless, she says she misses the moments she shared with the band and does not reject the idea of getting back together and writing songs the way they did in the past, she commented to the press that was present at the Christmas Concert at the Vatican.

Dolores wants to dedicate more time to her solo career and says that her first record will be on the stores before June 2006. She assures that the fact of the other members of the band working solo does not mean they cannot reunite, but she sees it as an expression to open up new roads.

“In this moment everyone wants to take new musical directions and different ways of expressing ourselves. I am personally against the idea of not playing together as a band in the future, but for now, we have to acknowledge that it’s not the time”, she said to the Italian media.

In the past concert, Dolores interpreted some themes like: “Linger” and “Adeste Fideles”.

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