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Dolores O’Riordan will have her solo debut in 2006

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

At spring or summer’s begin, will be in the shops the album of Dolores O’Riordan, who was famous with the Irish group, The Cranberries. O’Riordan says this will be her “most personal” contribution she has made to the music. Though she is the voice of The Cranberries, she has comment about her next release, which doesn’t have much in common with the melody and lyrics from the Irish band. “I couldn’t have made something so dark like I was doing with the boys”, said the vocalist to Hot Press.

In this new project, Dolores is rounded by very closer musician, like the drummer Graham Hopkins, an usual guitarist in some Cranberries gigs like Steve Demarchi and the basses Maco Mendoza (who worked with Ozzy Osbourne). Dolores clarified and remarks that her work union with some guys which make metal music, doesn’t mean she will have that genre in her music.

Other projects:
O’Riordan also said she will participate in the Christmas Concerts this year.
And by the way, O’Riordan said after her solo album release, she will make a tour around the world.

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