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Dolores O’Riordan Goes Folk (2001)

Translated by MB_Number5

Dolores O’Riordan is having solo plans. The singer of The Cranberries wants to experiment with folk music and release her own album. Would she be infected by Sinead O’Conner who’s having a lot of succes with her folk CD “Sean-Nos Nua”? In January Dolores will go into the studio. It’s not known yet which musicians will accompany her. She also has aspirations to be an actrice. She’s going to join a workshop.

The Cranberries have just ended an extensive Greatest-Hits tour and are back home right now to celebrate Christmas with their families. Meanwhile Dolores has travelled to Rome to perform two solo songs: the traditional Christmas carol “Adeste Fideles” (O Come All Ye Faithful), and the old Cranberry hit “Linger”.

Several media speculate about an end of the group. The band responded furious on their site: “We have received numerous e”-mails regarding the band “breaking up”. Its just like 1994 / 1995 all over again! We would like to put an end to rumours that the band are splitting up, and / or are planning any solo albums. We realise there were some articles in various newspapers and magazines which cited Dolores as having said she was thinking about recording some solo work. The band have expressed their desire to change their approach to songwriting, and this could see them writing separately, initially. Dolores has performed solo before (e.g. “God Be With You”, “Pavorotti Charity Concert”) and no doubt she will in the future. She is going to start recording new material in January and the band hope to begin recording a new album by February. They are already in discussions with various producers”.

The Cranberries were established in 1990. De band scored at the beginning world hits like “Zombie”, “Linger” and “Dreams”.

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