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Details 1996: Dolores Interview

Source: Details (english) 1996
Author Mim Udovitch

Do you give a damn about your bad reputation?

That’s what “Free To Decide” is about. I’d been on tour for a year or so and I was feeling sick, so we canceled a few gigs we had in Ireland. And I woke up one morning when the doorbell rang, and there was a man standing at my door with a camera, and he said, “What? Leave”. I was frightened. And then that evening I was still feeling sick and really tired, but I went shopping, and the next morning I woke up and it was the main story in the papers: “She’s too much of a rock star now to do her gig in Ireland, and she says she has a sore knee, yet I saw her running into the supermarket”. And so in that song I was saying it’s not worth me turning into a real bitch and losing everything spiritually. Because I work too hard, and If I want to take three weeks off I’ll take them, and to hell with everybody else – it’s my life.

Your new record is called To The Faithful Departed. Do you believe in an afterlife?

I would like to.

Well, that’s she first step toward believing. May I see your big, beautiful diamond ring? Any place for this in the afterlife?

It’s not very spiritual, is it?

No. No shopping in the afterlife, that would be a problem.

Maybe we won’t need to shop because we’ll be so happy. I mean I have to go shopping sometimes, and it’s really like a release. It’s a woman thing.

When’s the last time you cried?

This morning. I woke up crying because I’ve had a terrible migraine headache for the past twenty-four hours. But I think I was also stressed our because in my sleep I was kind of answering questions. I’d wake up talking to somebody and there was nobody there, but I was doing interviews in my sleep.

You are sensitive, aren’t you?

Yeah. My husband goes, “Dolores, you should just see it as a job, and switch off at the end of the day.” and I can’t. I write about my life and talk about my life all day. I can’t just come home and pretend it didn’t dredge up things from my past. When you’re really giving it everything, it dominates your psychology, so you go to sleep, and boom, you’re back to work.

When was your last confession?

I started dodging it when I was about sixteen.

Did you tell the truth?

I made up sins. But I wouldn’t tell my real sins. I didn’t really thing they were sings. Life sexual urges, that’s a sin! What are you going to do, go into confession and say, “I imagined sex?” I don’t thin it’s a sin to imagine anything.

You have five older brothers.

Right. My oldest brother was really into David Bowie and Gary Numan and the Sex Pistols. It was always blaring in his room when I was about nine, and he was like Butt-head or something. I just couldn’t fathom in at all. I listened to whatever my parents were listening to – Jim Reeves, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, and I liked that.

You don’t do any covers, do you?

We haven’t yet, but it’s only our third album, as I get older, I want to experiment with other things. I mean the Cranberries is great fun, but I want to grow and do different things as I get older. I’d like to do probably about six Cranberries albums, and then I’d like to do other stuff. I’m only twenty-four, so we’ve got lots of time.

Would you call your self a feminist?

I’m not sure what a feminist is myself. I find it very difficult to understand. Everywhere you go on the planet, there’s a different definition. So I wouldn’t call myself anything. I just thing I’m a woman, and I thing I’m a strong one.

I would say the bottom line for feminism is to believe in social, economic, and political equality for women.

Well, I do believe in that, But after that, it depends. It’s kind of catch-22, because you get these women who are struggling to have the female sex taken seriously for what they are as people, and then you’ve got these other woman who are spreading their legs to make money. So you’ve got one person who’s like. “Listen to me, I’m a person I’m trying to get a life and do something”, and another woman who’s like, “Hello, anyone like a piece of ass?” with no respect for herself at all.

I think it’s possible to say “Anyone like a piece of ass?” and still have self-respect.

I’m just saying I don’t respect prostitution, because prostitutes usually suffer, and it’s a stupid career. I’m not saying they’re wrong, because maybe they have to feed their kids, But then, If you have to make money you might as well use your tits and ass, I suppose. But it’s not something I’d like to do myself.

So we’ll cross prostitution off the list of things you might explore after six Cranberries albums. Whey do you think so many bans name themselves after fruit?

I’ve no idea. The boys made up this band, so I wasn’t involved. If I had been, it would have probably had to have meaning or something, me being a girl.

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