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Cranberries On-Line Interview (2000)

Are you going to visit Russia in the future?

Dolores: We’d love to go next year

hugo el v@go: Are you going to visit Mexico again?

Mike: We are going on a year tour next year and we are going to try and hit Mexico.

Zoopavaris: Hello! I’m French and I would like to know why have you chosen Paris for your live video (it’s a great choice!)

Fergal: It was one of our bigger shows- and we really love playing France as we are so popular there.

Berryone: How does Dolores feel, and any new experiences about second pregnancy?

Dolores: Feel great, easier this time – I don’t know the sex of the child.

Bernd: Could you please tell us something about the new songs?

Noel: We have recorded 10 songs so far and we are recording more in April and May next year.

Giovanni (Italy): When will you come back to Italy again? We can’t live without you! Please, return as soon as possible!

Dolores: Italy – amazing fans and shows, we love Italy.

sebas: Are you playing new songs tomorrow?

Mike: Yeah, we are playing two new songs, and a cover version of Elvis Presley’s “In The Ghetto”.

Piotr Ratajczyk: Please give us only a few titles of the new songs…We are really interested…

Mike: “Analyse” and “Time Is Ticking Out”.

Raul Revilla: All your albums have a different theme and a different style, now the new album, will it be different, or a mix of the four others?

Noel: it will be a mix of all the others.

peppe: what will be the themes of new songs?

Fergal: songs vary from track to track.

kris: What do you like most about playing in Ireland…?

Fergal: good to be at home as we always have family and friends at the gigs, the Guinness is good too.

Maartje Eenhuizen: How does it feel to be a parent?

Dolores: I love being a parent, it’s something all of people have to look forward to.

Priscilla (California): where do you usually find your self-writing a song?

Mike: mainly we write at home and rehearse four days a week and write when we are tour we have to go on hold.


Fergal: we just got it recently and like what we have heard so far!

voulagreece: are you going to give any of your new songs for remix to Paul Oakenfield David Morales or so?

Fergal: we have talked about doing a remix album at some stage in the future, it would be an interesting experience.

Zoopavaris: Why don’t you release Beneath The Skin in CD Audio?

Mike: the DVD will play on a regular CD player.

ParkerHM: What is yours favourite computer games?

Noel: Tetris, is our favourite but our tour manager keeps beating us!

Ivana: What do you think about Eminem?

Fergal: I think he’s a bit of a ‘Play the head game’ he’s not as hard as he lets on he is.

Gianfranco: what’s the best and what’s the worst memory from the last tour?

Mike: it was our first tour in a while so we really enjoyed it and all the shows went really fab.

Walko: Is there a complete version of the Uncertain video, or it was only a few shots made and never finished?

Fergal: there is a complete version but it is not out on release. We may put it on our web site soon.

WALKO: Dolores, what are the changes in the way you work with Stephen with this album than in the first 2 of the cranberries career?

Dolores: Stephen’s a lot of fun and he really knows his stuff – very quick to work with, has a lovely style.

Berryone: what is the difference between Cranberries 10 years ago and now?

Fergal: we are older and almost wiser!

What do you think of the Internet and email?

A great way to communicate quickly especially world wide, certainly the way of the future.

Bernd: Are you planning to re-release the Uncertain-EP?

Noel: no not at this point.

Elio O ‘ Riordan BRAZIL: Dolores have you a plan to go to Brazil in next year? PLEASE, If you really mind about your fans, COME HERE!

Dolores: I’d love to come to Brazil. It’ll be 2002 I’d say though.

Norbert (Germany): Will the band founding their own record label after album 6 is out?

Mike: no we are having a greatest hits after album 6.

S Mulvenna: When will the 1st single be released?

Fergal: autumn of 2001

LIAR: why are you (Dolores) so pretty?

Dolores: Thanks Darling!

Jeffrey: Which guitar product do you often use?

Mike: PRS (Paul Reed Smith) are the ones used normally

NLAA: Rammstein and The Cranberries? In the Internet we can find a rare unreleased track by Cranberries and Rammstein, is this true?

Fergal: no we have never heard of it!

Daria: Have you ever sang a song called “Hot Dog Neddy” and another one called “Gringo”?

Fergal: yeah, we did in our very early days.

Jeremy West: You guys HAVE to come to Toronto sometime after the new baby is born. I know this is kind of early to be asking this but do you plan on putting out another album after your most recent work is released?

Mike: Yes, it’s half recorded already, see you next year.

Ivana: Would you vote for Bush or Gore?

Fergal: would vote for Gore.

mary ann: where is your favourite place 2 sing?

Mike: the shower!

Oscar Sanchez: What do u think about all that singers and bands like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys? Because I hate them, and I think they are destroying music… (I love u Dolores!)

Noel: You got it brother!

Francesca: Is “WATER CIRCLE” the title of your first demo?

Fergal: yeah it was.

Ashley Matt: First of all, I want to inform Dolores that she is going to be appointed as director of the choirs of angels when she gets to Heaven. Dolores, do you know if your new baby is going to be a boy or a girl?

Dolores: Don’t know but I’d love a little girl this time.

How did Fergal get his name? Is it traditionally Irish or a family name?

Fergal: it’s a traditional Irish name.

Des: Is this the first ever on-line interview?

Noel: we have done a few so far but its good to do our first one in Dublin.

Walko: Did Mike sell out to Heineken or still a Guinness fan?

Mike: (laughs) still on the Guinness!

Gabriel: Will you guys ever release a Greatest hits album? I’d really like to have your earlier work on CD.

Mike: it will be our 6th album.

Callie King: What is your best advice to people (i.e. ME! nah, just teasing:-) on reaching your dreams and keeping it together and just things like that in general?

Fergal: Life is full of ups and downs so remember the ups and to hell with the downs.

gillian concar: what is it like to be in a band and travelling around the world? Where in the world is your favourite place to play and visit?

Fergal: no favourite place, we really enjoy travelling around.

ElectricBlue: Will “Beneath The Skin” be released in North America also? I HOPE!

Fergal: Yes, on the 2nd of Jan 2001!

How many copies of “Bury The Hatchet” have been sold?

Fergal: last time we heard it was 5 million.

ZIDEA: what’s the meaning of “Bury The Hatchet’s” eye?

Fergal: it symbolises us when we finished the third album constantly being watched!

Aymie: What’s your favourite song you’ve written over all these years?

Fergal:It is impossible to choose!

Who is the man on the “Bury The Hatchet” cover?

Mike: He is a model, not sure of his name.

NLAA: What about Spain? I think you have a debt with all us due to the cancelled gigs…; I want to know you! you’re the best!!! You’re like my big brothers and sister!

Fergal: Thanks a million we were really sad to miss the gig and will make it up to you next time!

Gabriel: One more quick question: will “False” be on the new album? That is if you’re allowed to say.

Fergal: No False won’t be on the new album, it’s an old song and hasn’t been recorded.

PEPPE: do you still like play “Zombie”?

Fergal: yeah, its a good live song.

Petri: Will you ever play “Nothing Left At All” live?

Mike: Never.

HarryVoula Greece: is there any possibility that the band will split? Honestly we don’t even dare thinking of something like that …

Noel: certainly not in the near future!

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