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Cranberries Left New Tour For (2002)

Translated from Portuguese by Cranspektrum

The group put off concerts in foreign parts for the release of the fifth CD, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”, with fear of attacks.

The war between USA and Taleban hit The Cranberries. With fear of the attacks, the irish group, that released the CD “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”, decided to stay at home and will be in tour after February. It’s the fifth album of the band, that came back working with Stephen Street.

The fantastic sound engineer and producer of Smiths, who signed the first two albums of Cranberries – “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” and “No Need To Argue” – was called again “for the CD have the sound from that albums” , according to the drummer, Fergal Lawler.

In interview to Folha, by telephone, the musician told about the war and said that The Cranberries intend to play in Brazil in 2002.

Folha – All the band is with fear of new attacks? Fergal Lawler – I’m not, but it was a decision of Dolores (O’Riordan, vocalist and composer). She is really with fear and I respect this feeling.

Folha – How much time do you intend to stay away of the tour? Lawler – At least till February. I think we’ll go to USA, in December, to promote the CD, but it’ll be a fast travel.

Folha – You played in Mexico in 2000. In any moment did you think to go in Brazil? Lawler – It’s something we want long time, but we never received a proposal. We hope in 2002 come right. The R.E.M. played there and said it was wonderful.

Folha – About the new album, why did you call Stephen Street again? Lawler – He produced our first albums and we wanted that sonority again. We like him so much that he is almost a member of the band.

Folha – How do you see the scenery of rock in Ireland? Lawler – It seems that the bands want to sound like Westlife (”boys band” of worldwide success), maybe because the radio don’t pay attention to bands that don’t have commercial work.

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