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Cranberries Chat (02.1999)

The Cranberries: Hi, this is Dolores, Frank, and Mike from the Cranberries,and Noel is sick, but he sends his best wishes. Not Frank, Fergal!

More_Human_Than_HUman_21: What was you inspiration for this new album?

Dolores: There were very different inspirations, because it was written over a period of a few years. My pregnancy inspired the more up, happy tone of the album. I wrote the lyrics and Noel wrote most of the music.

Tommy_Wayne: What is the difference between being a rock star here in the U.S. compared to being one in Ireland?

Fergal: In Ireland, you can pretty much lead a normal life. It’s more when you’re on tour that you get that type of attention.
D: Ireland is a small country, there are like 3 million. Being a pop star in America is more of a bigger deal than in Ireland. There were a lot of big stars in Ireland that are not known around the world.

zombieguide: The last two albums have been quite a change from the 1st two albums. Do you think the albums that have yet to come out will be softer, or continue with this ‘harder’ style?

M: We could be pissed off for the next album.
D: I was 17 or 18 on the first album, I was like this little school girl. I didn’t have the same self-esteem that I have now. You grow up. I won’t ever sing like that again. I won’t go back, I won’t ever go back to that.

loveheartsandnicotine: Are Dolores and the lads cynical about the music biz now, after all their experiences?

D: Very
M: NO, we try to be diplomatic. It’s a fickle industry, you try to be as real as possible.

KYall_Glennie: Hi cranberries, I just love your work and you seriously are my idols and favourite band. What song of all of the ones that you have ever written means the most to you, both Dolores and Noel?

D: thank you! It’s really difficult to answer that question. All of the songs are like babies, my experiences that I’ve had throughout my life. All the songs are very special. The hits, you hear them so much, but the ones that you don’t hear every day, the ones that aren’t hits, there is a different feeling.

lop483: What u think of the pop music of ireland?

M: Pretty bad at the moment. All the stuff on the radio is poppy, cheest stuff.
D: At the moment, something strange is happening. The music industry is controlling everything. There is a lack of good music being hard. This happens every few years,it happens in cycles. We’re hoping that we’ll change that!

Wink95662: Who are your rolemodels?

D: Role models are people who I admire, like Ghandi and Mother Theresa. They have done things in their lives that I could never do in mine. We all like Elvis!
F: The Beatles!

Anythest_Pearl: What was the biggest shock after your success?

F: Success is not what you expect it to be before you are a successful band. It is nice now, but it wasn’t nice at first.
D: There is a lot of pressure on you when you first get big. More people get involved in your career and it gets out of control. When a band gets big, it’s tough. You get on this rollercoaster, and soon you must get off. D: Then you get back on again and start over again.

Bk7718012: the Cranberries…why did u decide to use bruce fairbarn for ur 3rd album when stephen street brought u so much fame and success?

F: We just wanted to try something different. All the songs were written on tour. We wanted to capture the live sound in the studio.

chinese_designchick: I as wondering how did you guys meet and join up as a band.

F: We just started the band to hang around with each other.
D: Frank and Noel’s friend’s friend was going out with my friend’s sister.
F: That’s how we met Dolores. She came to a rehearsal, and it just kind of worked out.

flippomiller: Your music is very distinctive. Could you name some artists who have had influence on your style?

F: Everyone’s into different kinds of music. It’s a mixture of classical to jazz to rock to old-time country.
D: As far as guitar goes, Noel has always been a big Johnny Marr fan. And the 80s music too, SMiths cure, depeche mode, joy division. All those bands are really cool, that’s what we grew up with, on the radio.

squeakytidalwave: Was there any childhood inspirations that were later used in the lyrics of your songs?

D: Obviously your childhood reflects your emotions as an adult, but there is no real direct link in any particular song.

manolis_varnassinger: Is it enjoying for you making your videos?

F: Ya, it’s usually good fun, but lots of waiting around!
D: The best part is seeing the final results. You start about six in the morning, make up, could go to about 2 in the morning. You have to have lots of patience. Usually, come evening time, you relax. When we shot ode to my family, we relaxed in the bar where it was filmed. It was cool, more natural. We were relaxed, so our personalities came through properly.

pulpmilos: What do the cranberries consider their best song and album?

F: There are too many songs to choose
D: Yeah, we’re proud of them all. Not just the hit songs! It’s our gift.

oneu2fan: Do you mind being called a “political” group?

F: We are not a political group. We are a musical group.

ParkerHM: What are the plans for the future of the Cranberries?

F: We’re touring until June or July, then on tour again in August/September, and then we’re in Europe in November.
D: For Christmas, we are playing it by ear.
F: We don’t want to over work ourselves.
D: We’re keeping it fun. We went through some very difficult, dark times,and we want to keep it happy.

amythest_pearl: Do you ever have a problem with fans?

D: Actually, I don’t. Obviously, you want to talk to your fans, you’re interested in them, but the only problem is when there are too many. You can’t meet them all. I always want to stop and talk, but it’s not feasible.

dustincropzz: what is an average day like while you are on the road?

F: drugs, sex…(laughter) we just wake up and do the soundcheck. not much time to do much else, besides some press stuff.
D: this tour has been nice. the last tour was erratic. We set limits and boundaries so we don’t get over-tired. The road can really knacker you. You come into a city in a different time zone. We need time to get our heads together. We’re very fortunate that we’ve gotten to a point where we can enjoy ourselves.

ypsilone: Why did u choose this name “Cranberries” to the band?

F: I have a head like a cranberry. It just came up one day. It’s not really important.
M: We were supposed to be called the Cranberry Saw Us, but that was so ridiculous.
D: We were young, 15, 16, we’re fossils now, man!

cranberryluvr: You have progressively gotten more and more involved in producing your records over the years. Do you see yourselves at some point in the future producing an album completely on your own?

D: Absolutely, yeah! Every band gets to a point, with age, where you get interested in different things. I love the idea of just writing songs, whether they get anywhere or not. There are so many crappy bands doing well, it’s upsetting. There are so many talented song writers. Young people should persist and write, because their day will come.

irisheyes_girl: How do you feel about MP3’s of your new album already being all over the Internet?

F: the music is the important thing.
D: Honestly, this band is so laid back that we don’t go around worrying about things that you didn’t have to begin with. I tape albums all the time. It’s just life. You can’t be too greedy. Life is life, shit happens. It’s more for the industry to worry about. We’re just happy to be making music and doing gigs. You don’t really think about the kids who get your music from the internet. That would be sad if we cared about that.

achroma: What was the inspiration to write the song “Desperate Andy” what’s it exactly about?

D: It’s a very lighthearted number. It’s about sometimes in life, we see people, and we depict a character based on the visual aspect. There are plenty of large, threatening looking men who under the surface are gentle people.

jose_luis_arroyo: Why are you doing smaller venues on this tour?

F: We just kinda want to ease ourselves back in gently. It’s been awhile since we’ve toured extensively.
D: There is an intimacy that we can capture in a small venue. It’s beautiful. You miss it when you play a huge place. We geel that we can get across the rawness and passion of our music in a smaller venue.

cranfan8: I think you guys are great! I am your biggest fan. Dolores, what do you do with Taylor when you are touring? DO you take him with you or do you leave him with someone?

D: He comes with me and my mother looks after him.

Ranstar_Toronto: I know that the media has been a constant pressure since the early years, and it always seems to come up as themes in your music. How do you deal with the affects of the media on you? And how is it represented on this new album?

F: We don’t really read many reviews. Most of them are irrelevant. The fans are the ones who matter to us.
D: When we go home, the press come to my house and taunt me. My problem is with the tabloids, who will literally take pictures of you in your home, taking a shower, etc. You want to kick their heads off. They follow you around. When I was pregnant, at my grandmother’s funeral, they came and took pictures of me. I don’t think that I can ever learn to deal with that. But it’s a part of what happens.

Bakagaijin: to all of you: How supportive were your families when you decided to become professional musicians?

D: All of out families were very supportive. Especially when we got a record deal. Initially, my parents wanted to make sure that it was solid. The deal was, if it didn’t work out, I would go to college.

AbercrombieNSYNC: Did you enjoy making your new CD? Was it more difficult than the last?

F: NO, it was great. We really took our time. We spent about four months recording, but the writing was spread out over the last two years. It was really enjoyable.

Katiethne: Do you ever get Stage Fright?

D: no, not anymore. sometimes I look at the crowd, and they are having so much fun. I forget the chorus or another art of the song. Sometimes you get so taken away, but the crowd helps by singing the lyrics. I go to another level, baby!

chinese_designchick: Did you guys graduate from college? or do you plan to go back to school if you did not?

F: No, its’ very rock and roll. We all joined the band instead of going to college.

Anythest_Pearl: What do you consider being the best thing about being famous?

D: sometimes you can get into clubs really easily.
M: I think the travel is the best

AMythest_Pearl: How do you think your music influences the youth of today?

D: Our music in non-pretentious, very honest. Sometimes out society, ireland or america, people are afraid to be honest. We try to show people it’s ok to be honest.
F: I like to think that our music is like an escape for people. instead of escaping from your problems by taking drugs, just pop in our cd.

timace77: How did it feel to play a huge gig like woodstock 94? How did you become a part of it?

F: it was great, we were on at 12:30 during the day. very enjoyable.

The Cranberries: thanks for all your questions! We’re really looking forward to all of the shows. It’s been a long time, we hope all of our fans are still there. We hope you all enjoy the shows and the new album.
D: it’s like a new beginning for us. Thanks for your support, see you soon. Fnd if you’re at the gig, feel free to do some headbanging.
Thanks for chatting with The Cranberries tonight.

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