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10 years up in the Stars (2002)

Author: Antonio Rojas
Translated from Spanish by Magda

The Irish Cranberries are celebrating the first 10 years of a successful career with “ Stars”, an compilation album that includes 18 hits and 2 never previously released tracks.

The Launching of it will be supported by a world tour scheduled for this fall, that will bring Dolores and her boys to Granada, La Coruna and Madrid to the end of October.

Dolores O’Riordian Burton, Fergal Lawler and the Hogan brothers, Mike and Noel made a brief visit to Madrid in mid September to present to the public their first compilation album entitle: They want to celebrate their happy 10th anniversary, a vertiginous and intense time, full of success. Like is customary they show their most antipathic fave to the media. They arrive one hour later then scheduled, did not apologized for the delay and barely 15 minutes had gone by, they were getting ready to leave.

The album that, like guitarist Noel recognized, closes the first stage in the life of the Limerick group, is not missing any of the big hits, tracks that , in their moment, came out as singles. Only one was never released as a single , but their fans, through internet, pushed for it to be included. There they are for the delight of the faithful, songs like , , ,, , , or , all from their, until now, 5 studio work.


There are also two new songs, recorded during the months of April thru June of this year: , a love song, and , with this song the irish want to render tribute to the 9-11 victims of the terrorist attacks. “ we wanted to reflect how the newyorkers have manage to respond and react to the attacks” explained Fergal. The Company has also issued a limited edition with a gift compact disc that contains 5 tracks recorded in Stockholm on this passed February. The Cranberries’ voice, Dolores O’Riordian, that reconciles her motherly obligations with the ones of a singer, belives that the moment has come for the band to take a turn in the way they understand music. “We feel like experimenting with new ideas and different styles. We are sufficiently known already and we can aloud our selfs the change”.

The Title of this delivery came out one night, when they were hypnotized by the moonlight of a starry sky.

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