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Song interpretations


Compilation: Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002
Labels: Universal Music Publishing, Ltd. (Apart from tracks 19 and 20 under Copyright Control, Ltd.). Tracks 15, 16, 17 are the property MCA Records, Inc.
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing, Ltd., London
Studios: Metal Work Studio (Toronto, Canada, 1997), Windmill Lane (Dublin, Ireland, 1998), Chateau Miraval (Miraval, France, 1998), Townhouse (London, UK, 1998)
Release: September, 16 2002
Producer: Stephen Street (tracks 1-6, 15-20), Bruce Fairbairn (tracks 7-10), The Cranberries and Benedict Fenner (tracks 11-14).
Sales: 1,100,000 (for the first months of selling only! By now around 2.0 million.)



In 2002 the official site of The Cranberries announced the release of the first Best songs collection – Stars, in celebration of the date of ten years since the band had signed their contract with Island Records. The fans of the band were offered to choose the best song that was not issued as a single out of the following: Cordell, Daffodil Lament, Dreaming My Dreams, Dying In The Sun, Electric Blue, Empty, Fee Fi Fo, Hollywood, How, I’m Still Remembering, Joe, No Need To Argue, Pretty, Shattered, Sunday, Rebels, Twenty One, Waltzing Back.

A little later the ‘Hollywood’ song was removed from the list, as it had been issued as a single in France in 1997. And sp the best non-single song turned to be Daffodil Lament! That’s how the people voted:

Daffodil Lament – 36%
Dreaming My Dreams – 23%
No Need To Argue – 16%
Empty – 13%
Sunday – 12%

The band’s world concert Wake Up and Smell the Coffee tour continues. The Cranberries travel around USA and, while taking a short break (June, 3 to 6 of 2002), they record two new songs – New New York and Stars – in the Criteria Hit Factory Studios. The producer of the new songs was Stephen Street again.

On September, 6th of 2002 was Dolores’s birthday! (She wrote the significant ‘Twenty One’ song 10 years ago!) The singer celebrates in the studio of the radio station 2FM in Dublin. The Cranberries perform a short acoustic set where they play their old songs (Dying In The Sun, Ode To My Family, Linger, Free To Decide, Chocolate Brown, Zombie, Animal Instinct) and present the new single – the ‘Stars’ song. Dolores celebrated her birthday together with the guys, her husband Don and the DJ, Jerry Ryon (the whole bunch was enjoying a tort :) )).

September, 16 – the world premiere of ‘Stars: The Best of 1992-2002′! As promised, the album consisted of 17 singles, a song chosen by the fans and two new songs. It’s worth saying that a majority of the songs was reissued as the edited (cut) versions (radio edit).

The photos of the band were on Andy Earl again, same as the design of the cover was by Storm Thongerson with Peter Curzon. The photo on the cover is a road in Nevada State. Dolores: “It’s the road to Las Vegas. We gave performances here and we really enjoyed it. That’s why we called for our photographer, Andy Earl, who chose this path. It seems that it’s the end of the road, and there’s nothing left behind.”

In the special note on the booklet the band thanks all those who supported them, but on the first place were the fans themselves. They also thanked the management of Timeless Music, their additional musicians (Russell Burton and Steve De-Marshee), all those who believed in the band, the workers of Universal Music from Italy, France and Spain, thanked departed Danny Cordell who had signed the Cranberries with Island Records, and also all their producers (Stephen Street, Bruce Fairbairn, Ben Fenner) and Michael Plotnikov with Chenzo Townsend for the engineering of the albums. Special thanks were addressed to the channels MTV, VH1, Much Music, MusiquePlus, Viva and Channel V. And, of course, The Cranberries thanked their parents, spouses and children: Molly, Taylor, Donnie, Don, Rachel, Sophie, Kathryn, Jacob, Lorie, Jamie and Shioban.

The ‘Stars’ song becomes the first (and only) single supporting the album (and they shoot a fancy video for it).

On September, 16 they also reissued the concert Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris of 1999 on DVD.

On September, 24 Fergal and his wife Lorie got the second baby, the newborn child’s name is Nathan. At the same time, the Stars collection takes 4th place in Ireland and France (and the 1st in the French chart of compilations), 20th place in the British album chart. To October, 9 of 2002 the collection takes 1st place in Portugal and Taiwan, 2nd in Greece and Singapore, 3rd in Italy and Hong-Kong, 4th in Switzerland and Spain, 5th in Malaysia, 6th in Norway, 7th in Belgium, 10th in Mexico and 20th on the Philippines. This way, the compilation gets greater success in European and Asian countries. Sadly, the album didn’t get due promotion in America (in which the band blames their label, MCA).

On October, 16th of 2002 the world concert Stars – The Best Of World Tour starts. The first concert takes place in Olympia Theater in Paris, all the tickets were sold out!

To November, 11 of 2002 the compilation is sold in more than million copies! In the same day, the DVD Stars: The Best of Videos: 1992-2002 with practically all the official videos of the band and some bonus material is issued everywhere except North America. In USA the DVD is released on November, 26.

On December, 10 of 2002 was the last concert supporting the compilation (the 82nd), it took place in Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in London. Again, the tickets were all sold out.

In the beginning of 2003 The Music Room TV programme of CNN offers its audience to vote for the best album of 2002. The ‘Stars’ collection takes the honorable 4th place (which is good enough for a compilation) only losing to the highly promoted “monsters” like Coldplay (the 1st), Eminem (the 2nd) and Avril Lavigne (the 3rd).

On January, 21 of 2003 The Cranberries break their contract with MCA Records by the reason that the “corporative monolith” totally stopped paying attention to the creative ideas of its musicians. Noel adds that the band is happy to start everything from scratch and is looking forward, to its next decade in the world of show business…


Dolores speaks about Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002

“If I had to make a diagram, I’d draw that the beginning of the journey was not in 1992, but earlier in 1990, 12 years ago! We got our first success in 1992-1993 when our first album was released; then we were gone in 1996, the year of TTFD release; after that we continued our journey: starting from 1996 I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find dignity and spirituality. Now I feel OK, I acquired the harmony in soul.”

“The difference between what I’ve got now and what I had before is that I am not under the constant pressure from the other people anymore, and the number of sales of our albums is not important to me. When our first album was issued, EEIDISWCW, we felt this pressure, we were just teens with no comprehension; now we’re grown up, and we have an opportunity to write what we want in our songs.”

“It is nothing more than a collection of our singles. A good disk to give someone as a present. It will let them know about ‘The Cranberries’. It has the most popular songs.”

“We’ve ended the cycle. It is an enormous life lesson, but it seems that we’re near the end of an era. And a new, quite different era begins. We were starting as teenagers, and then we went to America where we became very famous which was not available for many Irish bands. We did it! We were performing around the world, and then we decided to take a break because we had lost ourselves. Later we gathered again to get the joy back to our band, the joy we had lost when we were a super popular band. We knew happiness again, and it was like a new start, it was like we were teens again.”

Interpretation of the songs of Stars

New New York
• This song was written by Dolores on May, 30 of 2002 when the band visited New York for the first time since the tragic events of September, 11 of 2001.
• Dolores, about the song: “I hadn’t seen the city after the twin towers were crushed. I only arrived there in May of 2002, when the pain within the hearts was leaving room for the will of restoration. All I think about new New York is in this song: the pain that gives birth to energy.”

• The first and only single supporting the Stars compilation.
• Dolores, about the song: “Actually I was walking along Kilmellock, around my home… You know, I’m talking about the children, about them being sort of challenge to your life. So well, then we (me and Don) had a fight practically out of nothing. When you have kids you become so busy that when you walk across the corridor you only say “Hi” or “How’re you?” to your husband. Well, it was just one of such conflicts. I left home all furious and mad. I took my daughter in the cob with me, we went to studio (it’s just near the house, where I play with the band), and so my mood was corresponding. And then I thought, what if the problem’s in me? I remembered the book I’d once read – “Men from Mars, women from Venus”. And so, I thought that maybe it’d help if I chill out. I wrote this song thinking that maybe I’m not that perfect, after all. I should sometimes show obedience, too.”
• Dolores continues: “I also thought, that there, here’s the problem: you’ve been married for many years, you discover new things in each other when you become parents, and so on. Do you? But the thing is, you should remember who you fell in love with at the beginning, and not try to change this person to fit your needs. That’s what the books are about, aren’t they? I guess it’s one of the most important origins of being a successful couple. And so, I had these thoughts in my head when I was writing this song. And in the end I ask myself, ‘Does anyone love themselves the way they are?” Is anybody perfect? I mean, when you look in the mirror, do you say: ‘God am I wonderful’? And you know well that no, you don’t do such things.”
• Fergal, about the song and Dolores’s husband: “Remember who you are when you speak of today. Well, he does!”
• In the video for the song Dolores wears a T-shirt with an inscription: “Government Issue”. It is a name of an American punk band from the 80s, and the picture on Dolores’s T-shirt is a copy from the cover of their album ‘Make an Effort’ of 1983.

This stuff was translated from Russian Version of our Site by Michiru.

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