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Zenith, Paris, France (14.04.99)

Review #1 from Noe (Zenith, Paris, France, 14.04.99)

I was yesterday at “The Zenith” in Paris. The support act began at 7.30 and THE CRANBERRIES began at 8.30 after a musical intro. The set list was the same than in London. After the intro , they arrived and Dolores said : (In French !!!) It’s our new song : Promises. She sang this song very seriously but for the others songs she was smiling. She had black leather trousers and jacket. During “Wanted” “Still Can’t” and “Salvation” the audience moved a lot. I was caught up in the rush but it’s was wonderful. Daffodil lament was the most emotional song of the gig. After that : 3 rhythmic songs and all the audience moved, danced, sang, ….Then “Zombie” : I think it wasn’t the best version ( It was better in 1995 -1996) After a short interruption (Who ho oh ho , clap clap clap , Dolores Dolores Dolores … ) they came back and the two last songs were very very good (This version of dreams was splendid and wonderful) For the second part she wore a little pink top and a colored skirt (like in the 70’s). It was a great show but a little short (only 1h35min)

P.S. excuse me for the grammatical/spelling mistakes but English is not my first language. If you have any question about the gig , you can mail me.


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