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Wilturn Theatre, Los Angeles, California (19.05.99)

Review #1 from John Armijo (Wilturn Theatre, Los Angeles, California, 19.05.99)

A few days previous to May 19th, I managed to score 2 tix for the BTH tour date here in Los Angeles. Since my wife was pregnant at the time, she decided she’d better not go since possible pushing and shoving was a possibility. So, I decided to take my friend Mike with me, whose only enjoyment from The Cranberries was teasing me about liking them.

We left Fullerton, in Orange County, CA for Los Angeles about 5pm, and arrived about 6:30. Damn traffic. While we were sitting at the red light at the corner of Western and Wilshire I went ahead and dished out the $10 for a bootleg shirt. Hey- it was cool. After we found a decent *(and reasonable) parking rate right across the street, we walked over to the Wiltern Theatre. I was a little shocked to hear my name being called and ‘ZombieGuide!’ by a few people that recognized me from my site, but it was flattering all the same, and I stopped to say hello to the fellow net surfers.

Anyway, I had never been inside the Wiltern before, just drove by it half a billion times. It appears that it is a very old playhouse, maybe capable of holding 800 people or so. It seemed to me that there was about 700-800 people there. So as we are seated, the lights go off, and the opening act, Jude, comes out…

And they sucked. As we fidgeted in out seats for 30 minutes or so, Jude finished off thier excuse for a show, and finally The Crans make thier appearance…now, I go to a lot of concerts, and the OVERWHELMING cheering as they entered and took their places on stage was deafening. We had decent seats about 12 feet from stage, so we could really appreaciate the show.

This had to be the BEST concert I’ve been to, and I must admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the Cranberries live material based on the 90+ bootleg shows I have, but I was absouletly blown away for the entire hour and half or whatever it was that they played. The sound was sooo loud that my ears literally rang for 2 days afterward. When old favorites such as ‘Salvation’, ‘Linger’ and ‘Zombie’ were played, the house nearly came down. The sound so incredibly loud, not only from the music, but from the crowd! I guess being in such a small venue, and so close to stage made it that more enjoyable as well.

After the show and encore, I had decided I WAS going to meet the band. I had brought all my 12″ vinyl with me, along with over 100 exposures of film, and a camera I didn’t know how to use. So after the show, we walked out to the back door to wait.

As we sat around waiting, I counted to see how many people were sticking around. Roughly 40. As the roadies loaded up the bands equiptment into the trucks, we waited in the cold Los Angeles night. Steve whatever his name is, the back up vocalist walked by about 2-3 times, and seemed bothered that no one knew who he was or asked for any autograph.

2 and 1/2 hours later, a grey van and a limo back down the alley down to the back door, and the guys- Mike, Noel and Ferg run and hop in. I yell at Mike to grab the camera and run over, we manage to get 1 crappy pic that later didn’t even develop cause it was too dark. By this time, only about 15 fans are left, the rest gave up thru out the night. So the van pulls up, slows down the guys wave as they drive by. No autographs, we’re bummed.

Then while we’re watching the van, the limo starts to pull up, then the window rolls down, ’tis Dolores. As the dozen or so of us stare like mental pateints, I reach toward the window, and she grabs my hand, and says’ Did you enjoy the show, lad?” And of course I say yes. Then she starts talking with the fans from within the car and signining. I managed to get my 12″ NNTA signed.

So overall a good experience. I suggest to anyone who can wait around after the show to do so. A couple of hours wait for a great story to share, and an opportunity to meet a very, very nice (and sexy) Irish chicky.

—John Armijo

Review #2 from Adam D. Lupercio (Wilturn Theatre, Los Angeles, California, 19.05.99)

I attended the Los Angeles show. There’s nothing like seeing The Cranberries again in concert. The aura that surrounds the band, and basically the expectations that needed to be met WERE met. They blew me away. I could see, well the people around me, knew almost every single song that the band performed, and that just made me a “happy camper”. Let’s see…hmm….

well for one, the sound was absolutely great, and what better place to get great sound than that of the Universal Amphitheatre. I know, yes, my review sounds so happy, well, as a matter of fact, there’s nothing that was (to me) significantly boring. My cousin, Joey, who is a fanatic just like me, had a great time. That was his first time EVER seeing his favorite band, and I bought his ticket cause I knew he wanted to see them but just didn’t have the cash. One thing I noticed, maybe it’s obvious being in L.A., I noticed there were many Mexican-American fans there *including me, my cousins Joey & David, and my friend Freddy*. All in all, the concert was great, and I think that The Cranberries put on a fantastic show. Maybe next time I will actually drive to see The Cranberries. =)

[Weird Intro Music]
1) Promises – while they were playing the intro Dolores said “How’s it going Los Angeles?”
2) Loud And Clear
3) Animal Instinct – before this one Dolores dedicated it to her son Taylor, how sweet =)
4) Ode To My Family – Dolores had the crowd clapping their hands, like in the Germany bootleg video from 1994
5) Sunday
6) Linger – Dolores got the crowd to wave their hands throughout most of the song
7) Wanted – MY favorite Cranberries song!!!
8) Salvation – they played this one as fast as the version they played on the 1996 MTV Music Awards
9) Desperate Andy – Sorry but this song sounded really dull live
10) Go Your Own Way [Fleetwood Mac song] – we all sang along with Dolores
11) Pretty – as always, Dolores dedicated it to women, of which she got an enormous applaud
12) When You’re Gone – this one brings alot of relief to me when I hear it, and hearing it live for the 1st time was even better relief
13) Free To Decide
14) I Can’t Be With You
15) Waltzing Back
16) Zombie – everyone sung along with this one (as always)
17) Ridiculous Thoughts
[ENCORE] – There was at least 10-12 minutes of cheering before the band finally took the stage again 18) Dying In The Sun - as said in some past reviews, Dolores DID come out with a white grand piano and Fergal played a keyboard, that was so cool 19) You And Me - Dolores came out in a “fur like” coat, although not fur, it was the same style 20) Just My Imagination – before this one, Dolores was stating that this song talks about the freedom of being a teenager, which most of the crowd yelled to, and how the freedom she has now as an adult 21) Delilah - when Noel striked the chord before they started to play this one, it sounded as if they were about to play Liar 22) Dreams - as ALWAYS, everybody was into it, SINGING EVERY SINGLE WORD!

[SIDE NOTE] : I bought a shirt and the tourbook. Why in the hell was it given to me open? There was a seal but it was like you had to lick it like a letter to close it]

—Adam D. Lupercio

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