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Viejas Outlet Center Park, San Diego (06.07.02)

Review #1 from Lionel (Viejas Outlet Center Park, San Diego, 06.07.02)

Hello Fellow Cran Fans!!

San Diego was SO EXCITING! By this time, I already knew alot of the words to “The Stars” so sang along this time w/ her for that one! We had 3rd Row seats for the S.D show! Viejas Outdoor Thetre was NICE & SMALL, VERY SMALL!! I didnt picture it like that but I LOVED IT!! We got to hear “Joe” for this show, I LOVE THAT SONG! My friend and I had lighted up bracelets and spinnig light thingies & we could see Dolores keep looking down @ us & smiling…I guess we stood out from up there U I pretty much knew how the show would be & really just tried to enjoy my last Cran show for the week, AND I DID!! She didnt actually dedicate a song to me & say my name or anyhting but she did mention all the fans taht were going from show to show, I guess there were other people @ The S.D show that had gone to the L.A show too. Towards the end, Dolores told security to let us go up to the stage, since they were not allowing it, and told them to live a little & have fun, hahah!! THAT WAS SOOO COOL OF HER, SHE REALLY TOLD THEM! The crowd Bum Rushed that stage SO FAST. I & My friend ran so fast and I ended up right in front to the stage by Dolores’s feet!! We got to listen to “Promises” & “Dreams” from there w/ Dolores dancing & bouncing around all over!! I threw her gift on stage ( A patriotic “LOVE YA!” teddy w/ flower attached w/ the pic I took w/ her the night before w/ a little message for her). Laura and I (my friend) got to shake Dolores’s hand while she was singing “Dreams” on stage & smiled down @ us!! GOD, I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! I didnt end up getting Noel & Mikes autographs @ all this week but I will try next time =( All the different people I took to all 3 shows, really have a new attitude about The Cranberries, they love them (not as much as me of course)!! They really put on some terrific live shows & I KNOW there gonna make some more happy fans around the world just like they made me for the remainder of the tour!! I’ve now seen The Cranberries 5 times & I WANT MORE!!!! This was truly one of my best vacations I’ve taken OFF work for & I owe it all to The Cranberries!! Counting the days til I see them again!!! THE CRANBERRIES 4-EVER…PEACE!!!!!


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Posted by Dess

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