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Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland (29.05.03)

Review #1 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

I was at the concert in the Ulster Hall on 29th May. It was so brilliant!!!!! Me and my two friends went and I ended up getting up to the very front row. I was so close to the cranberries I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited I thought I was going to be sick. At the start we were about 4 rows from the front and I was happy enough. At least until I noticed how some of the people in the front row were wasting the whole experience – they didn’t seem to be appreciating where they were – also some fella and his girlfriend were in front of us and were spending the whole night snogging so we had enough and rudely enough pushed our way past to the front. I was definately worth almost getting beat up by the people we pushed in front of. Dolores O’Riordan is GOD. She sounds even better live than she does on the Albums – so clearly she’s GOD. She has the most distinct and amazing voice in the world and was able to belt the notes out 100% while still jumping about on stage and really getting the crowd going. The atmosphere was brilliant at the concert and I did so much jumping and singing the whole why through that I almost collapsed when it was over -clearly all the cranberries are much fitter than me. Fergal was great just drumming away till his wee heart was content, Noel was giving it loads on the guitar and Mike was looking very cool playing the bass. We actually saw Mike earlier that day in the city centre with a bag from”Schuh” so he must of got some new shoes. Loved the new songs – Astral projection in particular was brilliant and if that is a taste of what is yet to come I can’t wait!!! I have been the ultimate fan from the start and always will be. Debbie, Newry, Co.Down

Review #2 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

i went 2 the cranberries concert in belfast n it was fantastic! they were v. lively and kept the crowd goin all the time. the atmosphere was amazin n dolores voice rocked totally. it must b good if somebody can sound betta live than on cd! i hav heard of the cranberries ages ago but never really took notice until a friend got me a ticket and now i am a fully fledged fan not 2 sound cheesy!Concert was amazing anyway.

Review #3 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

What’s the craic Cranberries? I am from the States, but have been living in Galway, Ireland for the past 5 months. I am a HUGE Cranberries fan, and have seen them in concert twice in the States, in Boston, where I’m from. Anyways, last month, I made the trip up North to see the Cranberries play at Ulster Hall in Belfast. Oh my best nite of my life! The intimacy of the small venue, combined with the fact that I was actually seeing the Cranberries IN IRELAND, combined with the energy of the concert, combined with the fact that they played all of my favourite songs, combined with me being right up front, combined with me actually getting water on my face from Delores’ cup of water, made for a sound concert, that I’ll never forget! I felt like I was in a dream, being right up front! I had a “wicked good” time and it was definitly one of the highlights of my time spent in Eire’ so far. Cheers Cranberries!-Garrett McKenna Boston/Galway

Review #4 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

Great, great. The concert in Belfast was absolutely fantastic. Who’s writing you is a swiss girl (now living in N.I.) that assisted for the first time at your concert in Ginevra (CH) back in 1999, that was another incredible experience. I also took a few pictures this time but i’m sending you the one i reckon is worth to publish. I’ll do my best to drive down to Killarney the 27th of this month. I don’t want to miss this chance! C U soon, GG. Heres a foto:

Review #5 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

Well what can I say? I was totally blown away. It was so fantastic! Whoa! I was right up at the front and Dolores was just so class, it was unbelievable. It was one of the best nights of my life. Everyone was rocking. The Crans were so good and the two new songs were deadly especially Astral Projection it was very funky. I had already seen the Crans in Dublin last year and they were brilliant then, but this time they were so much better, they just seem to get better and better. My friends and I had such an unbelievable time and I got some class photos as we were only like two metres from the stage. I would just like to say that the rendition of Zombie that they played was soooo good, it sent shivers down my spine, and Daffodil Lament ooohhoooohh – class. During Zombie I rang one of my friends who was at home because she couldn’t come and all I could hear was her screaming down the phone she was so annoyed that she couldn’t come.
Also my sister was absent as she was on a trip to London (the girl has got to sort out her priorities) she wanted to be there but she had a more pressing engagement as the trip was all paid for before the concert was announced so she was devastated. The night was definitely an eventful one as I got a cup that Dolores threw into the crowd, also my friend Michelle threw a Chubba Chubb onto the stage and Dolores picked it up and said how did we know that she liked them – we went totally mental it was so funny. Then after the concert was over we were waiting for someone to pick us up outside the Europa and we were just coming out of the shop when a minibus pulled up outside the hotel (it had dark windows so we were suspicious) and then to our amazement Dolores got out, we shouted she waved it was great, we didn’t go over because we didn’t want to disturb her, hell I was wrecked from all the jumping about, we thought she might have been tired from the 2 hours of running about the stage it was class.Dolores and the boys looked and sounded fantastic. Both Dolores’ and Fergal’s hair were class, very funky. I was standing right in front of Mike he was looking very sexy with his bass and so was Noel. All I can say it that they still have it and much more and I cant wait for the new album to come out as if it is anything like the two new songs that they played it will be fantastic. The Cranberries must be one if the greatest live acts to go and see ever, they are just fantastic. I am now trying to get tickets to the concert in Killarney and hopefully will find a way down, it could be difficult but I’ll hopefully find a way even though I live in Fermanagh. I would gladly trade my Slane ticket for a chance to see them again – it would be worth it.Thanks again I haven’t stopped smiling since I been on a high for the past week every time I look at my photos it just brings back very happy memories, and there nothing like the soothing sounds of the Crans (“No need to argue” is a class album to unwind to as is “Everyone else is doing it..”) to calm you down after doing a b***h of a chemistry test (AS Levels suck). Thanks for the all the good times please keep it up. Please reply if it’s not too much bother Sara XOXOXOXO PS. On the night I purchased a very cool magnet – great idea

Review #6 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

“ANALYZE to start – good opener. The highlights for us were STARS (great chorus), PROMISES (played with real power – Mike’s bass seemed to go up a notch for PROMISES – really effective) and NEW NEW YORK (very emotional – great live song). Of the slower songs our favourites on the night were YOU AND ME and WHEN YOU’RE GONE. “Dolores was on top form – full of energy – she really worked hard to connect with the audience – and the crowd responded really well – dancing and singing along. Her outfits were great – black pants with the flame pattern down the side – with a number of different tops – one had “ASTRAL PROJECTIONS” on it – another had “DOLORES O’RIORDAN” – for the encores, a floaty lined dress with colour co-ordinated Doc Martens. She threw her arm-band into the crowd and her towel. The whole band seemed to be really enjoying themselves. “The two new songs sounded good. Dolores seemed to refer to a piece of paper with the words on for the second song – I think she said something about “only learning it today.” As far as I can remember, the new songs were typical Cranberries – melodic with strong choruses “From our seats on the left balcony we got a great view of Noel – he plays guitar in a really unique way – on Daffodil Lament we got a good view of him using the “Ebow” thing (or whatever it is called) to get that bowed guitar sound. “We are looking forward to seeing the Cranberries in Milan for the Stones support gig next week – we have tickets for the inner enclosure – so we’ll be somewhere near the stage – should be a good night – 60,000 people I believe – will Dolores be doing a duet with Mick Jagger? Nigel and Pamela Bernstein

Review #7 (Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29.05.03)

hello! i cant believe im actually talking to you!!i was at your belfast gig on thursday night along with 3 friends, and it was the best night ever (far better tan the point in december, not that it wasn’t great, but you know!! we were right at the front and Doloris kept winkin at us(remember yet, i was blowin you kisses?) My sister threw you a chuba chuba lolly and u picked it up and thanked her. did you enjoy it? i then tried to throw you one and accidentall hit you. Sorry:( if you still can’t remember who we were, we were the ones who shouted at you Doloris as you were going into the Europa. we didn’t want to disturb you so we didn’t come over. you must have been really tired after such an energetic performance!! the door man at the hotel sayed that he would pass on our messages of how much we loved the gig!! my frien sarah managed to get the cup that you threw to her and it now has “pride of place” on her bed side cabine!! everyone agreed that the new songs are totally wicked!! now i would like to invite you to play more often up north, not only in Belfast but also in Fermanagh!! we traveled for more than four hours on an old coach to see you and it would be great to have you closer. being only 16, i’m not allowed onto europe to see and im in America when you play Killarney, so please dont leave it too long until you return to the emerald isle. some people claim that ure a band of the 90.s, but your always number 1 in my heart, no matter what year!! i hope you enjoyed ure time in belfast as much as i enjoyed mine, i stil cant belive i was as close!! and i hope to hear from u all soon. the ulster hall is a much better venue than the point, its much more intimate and personal. next time, maybe you could sing all of “the town i loved so well” in that truely unique voice that is Doloris O Riordan. hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with the rolling stones, many thanks for a brilliant nite once again, Ronan Maguire. P.S. i know a great little pub in Belleek if ure ever stuck for a nights crack and want an oul sing-song. finally, loved the dress at the end. Please write back……xox

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