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Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA (30.04.99)

Review #1 from Mike Markee (Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA, 30.04.99)

Just a little note to tell you that I was at two of the shows on this tour. I was at the tower theater in philadelphia April 30 and at the orpheum theater on May 3. At the philly show I sat front row center. It was the best concert I ever saw them put on and I have seen them about 10 times. I actually got to touch dolores. The show in boston was also great on thier part but the crowd sucked. On the way home from boston me and my friends saw their buses so we followed them all through new york until we got to their hotel. There we met Fergel, Mike and Noel. Dolores was not there I think she was at a different hotel with her husband. Anyways, they are the best band on the face of the earth.

—Mike Markee

Review #2 from Dave (Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA, 30.04.99)

Saw the show in Philly last night at the Tower – 5th row. It was excellent!!!!


Review #3 from Ed (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 30.04.99)


April 30th 1999 was my very first LIVE Cranberries experience, (I’ve been a fan since 1993) and it was amazing!!! The Tower Theater offered a great setting for an intimate show. I had 14 row seats and did not miss a thing!!! The set of 21 songs rocked. The Cranberries were pumped all the way through the 5 song encore, and Dolores…well, need I say more?

—Ed :)

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