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TMassey Hall, Toronto, Canada (08.05.99)

Review #1 from Katia Rodrigues (TMassey Hall, Toronto, Canada, 08.05.99)

I attended the Massey Hall performance of the Cranberries in Toronto in April. Although it was a small venue I felt it was absolutely perfect to watch them perform. It was cozy and intimate and the sound was great. It was theater seating and although it didn’t accommodate many people it was really special. This was my second time watching them in concert & their sound/stage presence has improved (having first watched them on their first tour in 1996). Dolores’ energy was unmatched and superb…. her on stage outfits were really cute and original. The boys in the band were good & their drummer totally rocks and puts his all in to. I felt the variety in music selection was good, a mixture old stuff (like ‘Linger’,’ Dreams’, ‘Zombie’ among a few) and a bunch of their new released stuff (like ‘Shattered’ & a great version of ‘Animal Instinct’). This is a great band, and the fact that they played at such a small venue as opposed to a large arena restores my faith that it is really still about the music. Love the Cranberries!

thnx, Katia

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