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The WarField, San Francisco (03.07.02)

Review #1 from Lionel (The WarField, San Francisco, 03.07.02)

Hello to my fellow CranFans, I wanna take the time to thank everyone who has e-mailed me. Ive chatted w/ some really cool people & its been a blast having CranChats, I told u I dont get tired of that U Keep em’ coming and I’ll have more pics coming soon!! Ive been asked alot, How did you manage to meet Dolores & The Cranberries? All I can say is be determined!! Im a HUGE fan and I knew that one day I would meet her & I HAVE!! Be assertive & dont stalk them U There really cool down to earth people, just like any normal person & have SO MUCH love for their fans!! I was dead tired waiting & waiting, driving up & down California, I EVEN LOOK TORE UP & DRUNK IN MY PIC w/ Dolores, but I was SOOO determined!!! Dolores couldnt stop smiling at me when I met her…even though right before I took my pic w/ her I BLANKED & forgot how to use my own camera & accidently took a pic of the floor; I think she knew I was kinda freaking out but she didnt mind…the security guards were laughing @ me though, hahaha!!! Anyway, thanks again & to the people who will be seeing The Cranberries soon in the future, have LOTS & LOTS OF FUN!!!

Take care CranFans!!!


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1.02.2010 in category gigs | No comments
Posted by Dess

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