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The Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (11.12.98)

Review #1 from Marianne (The Spektrum, Oslo, Norway, 11.12.98)

I was at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. The lights were dimmed, the host started talking and I just sat there in the dark, I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to see them live. My friend and I were there with our parents, and they thought we were going crazy (which was quite true). Then Phil Collins started talking, he was in the spot light, the rest of the stage was dark… but there we saw four people we thought looked an awful lot like them. My friend and I started talking hysterically to each other: “It’s them! I know it’s them! But why does Phil Collins speak if it’s them??? It has to be them!” And then Phil Collins said: “Welcome to our friends from Ireland, the Cranberries!” I thought I was going to explode. Then Dreams started, it was fantastic, that beat, it gets me every time. Dolores walked around in her funny way, and eventually she started singing. And it was absolutely beautiful. And I actually started crying. I had looked so much forward to it (since the day I read in the newspaper that the Cranberries were going to perform at the Nobel Concert), and there they were. Great feeling. Sad though, I bet a lot of the people who was there was there because of A-ha and Phil Collins or maybe even Shania Twain, and that they didn’t know what kind of greatness they had before their eyes… anyway, I sat there crying uncontrollably, listening to Dreams and when it ended I was looking sooo much forward to Promises, which no one had yet heard. When the first “Oooh-oooh”s came, I thought for myself: “Ah. A nice, calm song”, but then all the drums and guitars set in, and it really rocked. I could feel the beat so well, it was like someone hit me on the chest. I just wished I could have seen the king, sitting up there at front lol. The expression at his face would have been fun. Too soon it was over, and they disappeared…. I felt so empty (“something has left my life”). But it was AMAZING, it really was. And because I love them so much I hold it as my number one concert experience… even though I saw Alanis in concert and I’m a big fan of her, it didn’t send me to heaven like the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.


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