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Sundome, Tampa FL, USA (05.08.99)

Review #1 from Nafa (Sundome, Tampa FL, USA, 05.08.99)

We were at the show, it was spectacular despite technical problems throughout (between Collective Soul’s set and the Cranberries you could hear someone on the crew saying something about “It’s wired backwards!!”). The sound system had some crackles and cut-outs but the Cranberries were just awesome. The stage set was interesting, columns and lights and all. (Does anyone know who the other guitarist and the keyboardist are? They look so familiar.) I didn’t keep track of a setlist but they did open with “God Be With You All” and closed with “Dreams”. They played just over an hour and a half with one encore set (starting with “Dying In The Sun”).

They also played (from what I can remember, in no particular order):
“Ode To My Family”
“I Can’t Be With You”
“Ridiculous Thoughts”
“Daffodil Lament”
“When You’re Gone”
“Animal Instinct”
“Loud And Clear”
“You And Me”
“Just My Imagination”
“Dying In The Sun”
“Go Your Own Way”

Amazing–see it if you can!


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