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Roy Wilkins Amphitheater, Minneapolis, Minnesota (07.09.99)

Review #1 from Josh (Roy Wilkins Amphitheater, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 07.09.99)

I just thought it my duty to report that the Cranberries’ concert in Minneapolis on September 7th rocked! The 11th row seats gave a perfect view of the band!….A couple of weird things happened though…after collective soul, I walked with my friend to the bathroom, as I was waiting for her to come back, I was wathcing the people going backstage to meet Collective Soul…and among the security guards I saw someone that looked just like the backup singer, Steve De Marchi…after getting the nerve to go up to him, a complete stranger, to ask if he was the backup singer for the Cranberries, and to shake his hand/get autograph, I walked up to the barricade, said “excuse me, are”, and then he walked away as I finished the question!! I got shut down by the back up guy!!!!!! that sucked, but oh well..he did pretty well in concert except his vocals totally drowned out Dolores on Just my Imagination…….Also, the mayor of St. Paul ended up sitting next to me, which was odd, and I asked him if he had a backstage pass, which he showed me…he seemed like a pompous ass, especially because he left halfway through the set!!!!! I guess that’s politics…The concert was unbelievable, especially Liar, When You’re Gone, Promises, and Ridiculous was great…I was really surprised to see that the Tourbook had the limited edition live CD off of the Loud and Clear Tour, so I of course bought’s in a sleeve with the “pink room” picture on the front and a promo shot of the band on the back…the printing company must have screwed up totally because it announces that the Liar is “live from Dreams, Ridiculous Thoughts is “live from ode to my family”, Promises is “live from Nobel Peace Prize, and Waltzing Back is “live from Zombie”…hmmm….but the tracks are very good, especially “Liar”… All in all, a fantastic concert, and a great way to end my first day of college…that’s all for now,


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