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Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, St. Louis MO, USA (10.09.99)

Review #1 from Kyle (Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, St. Louis MO, USA, 10.09.99)

The concert was awesome! they didnt do alot of songs that they did earlier on the tour like god be with you, liar, daffodil lament, shattered, you and me, etc… that made me kinda dissapointed but it was still great. also on some songs dolores seemed somewhat rushed, but they still gave it their all. im almost sure both dolores and mike looked at me! i was in the 6th row and i could see so good! here’s the setlist. its pretty close to the exact order i think:

[lights went out and the weird music started playing]
Promises – awesome opener
Loud And Clear
Animal Instinct
Ode To My Family
Sunday – always sounds great live
Wanted – also great live, alot faster
Salvation – I think dolores looked at me on this one when she asked the audience to sing
Desperate Andy – I hoped they would play this one, its one of my faves
Go Your Own Way – sounded great, dolores sang it alittle different than on the album.
When You’re Gone- cool to see dolores play guitar on this one
Free To Decide
I Can’t Be With You- I love this one live too
Waltzing Back
Ridiculous Thoughts [encore]
Dying In The Sun – sounded better than it does on bth. cool how the dolores, the piano, and the sun rose up
Just My Imagination
Dreams – the background which looked like a bunch of stars was neat on this one.


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