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Rain at The Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada, CA (02.07.02)

Review #1 from David W. (Rain at The Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada, CA, 02.07.02)

My review is a bit late, (long vacation) but I will start with a review of the band’s performance, then I will step onto the soapbox to do a bit of ranting about the venue, security, staff, and policies.

Let me first say that the Cranberries were fabulous! They really put on a show that anyone (even non-Cran-fans) would enjoy. This was our second show on the WUASTC tour (see Wallingford, Ct. review). The Vegas show was different in a lot of ways.

Noel was much more animated this time around. He was hammering on the guitar and really getting into the music. It was like he was imitating a few of the members of Flickerstick (the warm up band). His whaling and head-banging during some of the numbers were added thrills to the show.

Dolores was much more animated also. She played much less guitar and keyboard this time, but was all over the stage as she sang and danced her way thorough all of the Cranberries classics. I think the highlight of the show was about 3/4 of the way through when they did an impromptu rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”. The song was (and still isn’t) on the set list. Someone in the crowd held up a banner asking for the band to play it. Dolores grabbed the sign, held it up and asked the rest of the band if they remembered the chords. A few practice notes and a missed start later, the Cranberries were playing it like they had practiced it that afternoon. The crowd was on it’s ear! Thanks to the band for their fantastic effort and talents. Excellent show!

Now to comment on the venue… I will probably never attend a “night club style” performance again, (especially at the Palms) due to several factors.

1st, they sold tickets to the public without notifying them that it was an “over 21″ nightclub. My 11 year old son was heartbroken when we arrived in Las Vegas (we flew in for the show) to find that he was not allowed to attend. Apparently, quite a few of the early arriving fans with kids were not aware of the age policy either. Luckily, the Palms management came to their senses the afternoon of the show. Unfortunately though, the uninformed event staff at the door was not made aware of the retraction of policy.. so they were telling teens and parents in line that the younger folks would not be permitted to enter. It was a mess! Finally, about 10 minutes prior to doors opening, the club manager finally informed his people and the younger fans were happy campers once again.

2nd, the event staff at the door were nothing less clueless about how to run the entrance doors. After waiting 3 hours in line (we were #’s 16 and 17 in line) we were herded into the entrance hallway. Then I watched as they split the line into 2 sections, allowing fans who had just arrived to come to the head of the 2nd line and then enter in front of others who had waited longer than I had. What a joke! Once the doors opened, being 16th in line and waiting 3 hours meant nothing! Sure, we were still able to find a spot in the front row, elbows resting on the stage, but way over to the right and with a 6 foot 5 inch security guard standing in front of us, blocking the view. Jake and I retreated to the 3rd row. Still good “seats” (event was standing only), but not the line of sight we had anticipated. The Palm’s management could learn a lot from paying heed to the comments and remarks from this event’s patrons. All in all though, this was a concert well worth the hassles and miscommunications. Obviously, the Wallingford gig was more fan friendly but the band was pure kickin’ in Vegas.

—David W.

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