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Plaza de Toros Vista Alegre, Madrid, Spain (13.04.02)

Review #1 from Gema Mayoral (Plaza de Toros Vista Alegre, Madrid, Spain, 13.04.02)

MADRID 13th MARCH 2002 – Spain 9 o?clock in the morning at “Plaza de Toros Vista Alegre (madrid)” and there was already people on the front door to see the cranberries very up close, I noticed two girls who had a photo album full of pictures of previous cranconcerts and also of the band at the exit of hotels. They really deserve credit for so many trips and having waiting so long to be able to enjoy the cranberries.

There was also a group from murcia who gave away cran magazines, and we of course suddenly began to exchange impressions about the band and so the hours were passing by in a day that indeed was very cold and rainy.

At 19:00 hs the doors were opene and everybody “fought till dead” to be in front row and thanks god I was lucky, so it was well worth all the waiting.

The concert began with lombardi, it wasn?t bad but we all were impatient and wanted to see the crans onstage and to me the waiting was kind of large.

Next was weezer y dover and it didn?t look like the ambient of a concert, big moment was when weezer was playing and we saw mike and noel behind, we all began to clap and call them, but they saluted us and quickly move inside again like profesionals.

And at 11:20 hs they began to change the stage, our nerves were reaching our skin and suddenly it started the sound of the song that has the name of their last album. Dolores apeared very charming and everybody like crazy were clapping, calling her “guapa” (pretty) and there it began the big nite we all were waiting for. She as usual with that piece of voice and so sweet with us, she touched and kissed us……. she beheaved even better than we could hope.

Whe she sang zombie it was like a bomb, 15000 people singing like crazy, well with zombie and the others because she sang many songs from difrent albums like salvation,free to decide,pretty,linger,ode to my family,promises,dreams,animal instic,analyse,ridiculous thoughts…

Come on it was incredible everything, the way she sang, how she behaived with all of us and the whole of the band in general. She changed clothes three times, always pointing her style that we so much like from her. It was incredible!!!!!! But everything that is good has to come to an end and about 1:15 am she said goodbye with dreams. Everybody alucinating because they gave everything onstage. Now we need to know how it was in barcelona and san sebastian and we shurely will die on envy. Ah! One last thing, we really hope that next time they come to spain, they come by their own and not with movistar activa because we would like to enjoy more of them. That?s all and we hope they come back soon here because we are all crazy to see them again!

—Gema Mayoral

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