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Plaza de Toros Illumbe, San Sebastian, Spain (16.03.02)

Review #1 from Chema (Plaza de Toros Illumbe, San Sebastian, Spain, 16.03.02)

Hi!, from Spain we salute the fans of the cranberries in Argentina. My name is Chema and y was at the San Sebastian concert from the past 16th march. It was amazing and Dolores was brilliant, as always, she has her own light. The spanish leg of the tour was a megaconcert in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian, with weezer and dover (a good spanish band) as open acts. Altough it started at 19:00 hs it ended at around 1:00 am, Dolores and her boys played 20 songs and they sticked to the stage for nearly two hours.

Dolores was shining. She changed clothes three times and she danced and encouraged the crowd a lot, and we were allready into it and she sang all the songs perfectly. The concert started with “wake up and smell the coffee”. Cranberries have changed their song lists and they also changed some arrangements on their songs.

They folowed with “zombie”, “analyse” y “time is ticking out”. I can?t give you the exact order, but I do know the songs they played:

- From “Everybody else is doing it, so why can?t we”: Dreams (as always, the last one), pretty (dedicated to the women), waltzing back (perfectly played and dolores voice better than ever) and linger, that they now play it on the encore.

- From No need to argue: Ode to my family, I can?t be with you, Zombie and Ridiculous thoughts.

- From To the faithful departed: Salvation, Free to decide and When you?re gone.

- From bury the hatchet: Animal instinct, Loud and clear, Promises, You and me and Desperate Andy -amazing!-. They also did “Just my imagination”, wich they changed on the end, with difrent arrangements than in the album version, and this new version was honestly really good.

- From Wake up: Analyse, Time is ticking out, this is the day, wake up and smell the coffe, I really hope.

I hope this is usefull to you and if you can go to any of their shows on this tour, then do it because they were amazing. If you have any coments, doubt or question that you want to do, then write to my email address.


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