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Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany (22.02.02)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany, 22.02.02)

On February 22nd, 2002 The Cranberries played their second concert of their world tour in Germany. A friend an me waited in front of the Philippshalle. We were very exited which songs The Cranberries will play this time. At 5 p.m. we arrived, at 7 p.m. was admittance and at 9.01 p.m. Mike, Noel and Fergal began to play the first beats from “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”. I had a great view to the stage because i stood in the first line again.

Easily and very lovely Dolores came on the stage and sang that song. Right after that, Dolores took her red e-guitar and began to play The Cranberries greatest hit “Zombie”. Then they played “Analyse” and “Time Is Ticking Out”. Before “Time Is Ticking Out” Dolores talked about September 11th last year and that this horror may never happen again. Then they played “Animal Instinct” and “Ode To My Family”. The fans were enthusasmed. It was a brillant mood in the hall. At the end of “Just My Imagination” Dolores came to the edge of the stage, bended down and took my letter from the security man. Afterward she also took my big, red heart-shaped pillow, held it in the air and screamed: “Thank You”.

The Cranberries proceded with songs like “Desparate Andy”, “Loud & Clear” and “Still Can’t…”. After Dolores changed her clothes, the concert went on with “Pretty”. At “When You’re Gone” the fans sang every line with Dolores. After The Cranberries played “Daffodil Lament” and “I Can’t Be With You”, Dolores even sang “The Rebels” and “Free To Decide” from the “To The Faithful Departed” album. By the song “Salvation” Dolores rocked up and demanted the fans to sing with her. At this song she even threw some Cranberries caps in the crowd. Before the next short break they still played “Ridiculous Thoughts”.

Pretty and so beautiful Dolores came back on stage and the concert went on with “Promises”. On her right arm she was wearing a bracelet. In the middle of the song Dolores put it away from her arm and threw it in the crowd. After “Linger” The Cranberries played the B-side “Away”. Most of the fans remembered that song and joined in the singing. Dolores’ voice was so great and the fans said, that this was the best Cranberries concert they ever had been. The Cranberries still played “Chocolate Brown” and “I Really Hope” where Dolores said: “This is a lovesong”. After “This Is The Day”, a song from the new album, The Cranberries finished their great concert, that took two hours, with “Dreams”.

—Anita Frolow

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