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Olympic Arena, Barcelona, Spain (15.05.99)

Review #1 from Sebastian Alonso (Olympic Arena, Barcelona, Spain, 15.05.99)

Let me tell in a few words that some fans met The Cranberries in Barcelona near Hard Rock Cafe and they were very nice to us signing our albums and making photos with us.

Barcelona was crazy for seeing them alive again (they didn’t play since 1995), and the place where they were going to play had to be changed from the 9000 stadium to a 24000 one. The Cranberries couldn’t fill it, but there was about 17000 people there, one of their biggest audiences this year.

At 22.00, the curtains were opened and people shouted absolutely wild. The show was very similar to Madrid two days before, so you can read the review I wrote. Barcelona show was better because people was anxious for seeing them, but The Cranberries played better in Madrid.

Here’s what they played:
PROMISES: Everybody jumped up and down, completely wild, but nobody expected they did the short version except the people who were in both concerts in Spain. Dolores was in another short skirt.
ANIMAL INSTINCT: Dolores marked the rhythm at the start with those sticks used for play drums. The audience sang it from the start to the end.
LOUD AND CLEAR: It didn’t sound as strong as in Madrid, but still rocked.
DESPERATE ANDY: People, like in Madrid, preferred these news songs and not classics like Linger and songs from the first album. They did a shorter version than in Madrid.
GO YOUR OWN WAY: It was well played, but young people in Spain have no idea about Fleet wood Mac, so when Dolores said “Sing it”, not a lot of people could do it, but everybody learned the chorus very soon. There were a lot of people who thought they were perfect fans and were a little shocked, like “What is this! Is it a new song for the next album?” And people were crazy for Dolores. When she came out, and the boys were playing so good (Fergal is a very good drummer), a lot of people just ignored them and started shouting for Dolores to come back. She is wonderful, but the boys play very well too so I want to ask the people to listen to them when they play. They do it very well.
PRETTY:…And she came back.
WHEN YOU’RE GONE: Why people don’t like TTFD? It’s not perfect, but it’s quite good. Only Salvation was heavily sang from this album by all.
I CAN’T BE WITH YOU: There was some special feeling. I have heard it live a lot of times, but this time it was special. For me it was the highlight of the night as everybody sang it and I could hear her loud and clear, which is a very difficult thing in Spain.
ZOMBIE: It was played as perfectly as in Madrid and Dolores asked for peace in North Ireland again.
RIDICULOUS THOUGHTS: It’s one of my favorites, but it was shattered. In the intro part, suddenly, Noel’s guitar stopped to sound, so Dolores had to stop singing and start again. Noel said sorry and so did her. But Noel’s guitar definitely didn’t work out and half of the song had to be played just with bass and drums. It sounded awful, but people just sang it the same and animated them in spite of technical problems. At the first chorus, Noel’s guitar was on again and he started dancing like a mad, moving completely crazy over the stage, as I had never seen him. I guess he wanted to say “I’m here and my guitar is on”. If anyone wants to hear this, I recorded it in a cassette, but the sound is awful.

DYING IN THE SUN: The piano and the sun show was better than in Madrid. Dolores was got nearer and nearer to the sun, that stayed quiet, so it seemed she was going to be burned by the fire… by the fire of fame, I think. It was wonderful, the best thing they have done live.
YOU AND ME: I don’t like it very much. It’s a shame they didn’t play Shattered, but people like it and sang it all along.
JUST MY IMAGINATION: Since the first guitar bit, everybody got crazy. It was one of the highlights because it sounded very strong and happy. It didn’t sound like a semi-country song. It was played like in the Jay Leno show, but the acoustic guitar was stronger. Everybody seemed very happy listening to this song and there was all kind of people: people who were about 30, Oasis fans, Korn fans, Back Street Boys fans… But we were all together and happy, feeling really free, living for the love we have and living not for reality. DELILAH:Welcome as all BTH songs were.
DREAMS: Dolores said that we had been the best of The Cranberries year (don’t know if it’s for BTH record sales, for the big audience or for the people singing almost every song) and so they are back in April to play in a Festival in the South. Dreams was as good as always. Ave Maria was played before the lights came back and some people thought she was singing it there alive.

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