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Oberhausen, German (13.06.03)

Review #1 (Oberhausen, Germany, 13.06.03)

Folks, Top Rock show from you guys! Hope you say our flag!Great day for music!

Enda Casey.

Review #2 (Oberhausen, Germany, 13.06.03)

Hi Guys Just back from the gig in Oberhausen. Congrats on a magnificent performance. That’s my fourth time to see you live and I think it was your best performance to date. The music was fantastic and Dolores used every inch of the stage to great affect …………. what a day! I have no doubt you gained a lot of new fans as a result. Continued success and good luck

Tony Mc Caffrey, Roscommon, Ireland.

Review #3 (Oberhausen, Germany, 13.06.03)

Hello The Cranberries! I`ve seen you yesterday in Oberhausen for the first time in my life! What a brilliant show, you have been the main reason for me to go there! Why don`t you have been the main act? :-) The other bands weren`t bad, but your music is what i like !!! Please stay as you are and come back to germany with your own tour! Bye Daniel P.S. Where do i get this Dolores-T-Shirt ? :-)

Review #4 (Oberhausen, Germany, 13.06.03)

Hello, my name is Matthias. I am 14 yaers old an came from germany. My english is no good – sorry.I am (was) a Stone-Fan. The best bands in Oberhausen were:
1. The Cranberries
2. Stones
3. AC/DC
My father and my brother (55/18 and Stones-Fan) think the same.Thanks for the good performance.And now: No longer a Stones-Fan -I am a Cranberries Fan! Best wishes to all..

Matthias from Germany.

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