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Oakdale Theater, Wallingford CT, USA (16.05.02)

Review #1 from David W. (Oakdale Theater, Wallingford CT, USA, 16.05.02)

Two words…………AWE……SOME!! My son Jacob turns 11 this week so we flew into Hartford to take him to see his favorite band. He has not stopped thanking us. Dolores and the Cranberries were way beyond what we were hoping for. To start, the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford was a great venue for the show. Although only 2500 were in attendance (the theater seats 4800), the place was rockin’ from start to finish. The leadoff band “Flickerstick” was no powder puff. With most of the fans still in the lobby, they roused the early seaters with some good, hard (almost head banging) numbers. Good stuff though. Warmed us right up for the main event. When the Cranberries took the stage, the place was ready to rock. Our 2nd row seats gave us the perfect view of the band.

Starting with “Wake Up & Smell the Coffee” (perfect choice), they flawlessly rolled through the set list. Dolores’ voice was right on the money and each number brought more and more of the crowd to its’ feet. Screaming, cheering, singing along……all out there. I think even the ushers knew the chorus to “Zombie”. With 2 wardrobe changes, not to mention the mask, floppy pink hat and crazy red feather wig, Dolores was the ultimate stage presence. None of that “standing by the drum riser & mailing it in” for this girl. She was at the front edge of the stage the whole 2 hours! You name it, they played it. Favorites, “B” sides, all of it. Man, what a show!! Closing with “Promises” and “Dreams” was the capper. She nailed ‘em both. The birthday boy and I say thanks to the Cranberries and their fans. Jake keeps thanking me for taking him, but all I did was buy the tickets. It was the Cranberries that made this his best birthday ever. Put us down for 2 reservations at the top of the hardcore Cran-fan list please. We’ll go to another show if we can find tickets.


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