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NEC Arena, Birmingham, England (29.11.99)

Review #1 from Phillip Partridge (NEC Arena, Birmingham, England, 29.11.99)

Well the NEC is a big place, I would estimate that the arena we were in could hold around 8,000 people. Unfortunately the cranberries could manage to fill even half of it. What has gone wrong?

The support band wasn’t very good, something called Copper Nine. That doesn’t matter because I wasn’t going to see them anyway, it was the cranberries I was interested in.

They came on around 8:30pm played some songs off all the albums but the sound quality was really bad. You could hardly hear her sing and I was standing at the very front. The stage and light show was nice although it wasn’t anything to write home about. The one thing that did annoy me though was how quick it was, it ended at something like 10pm. Far too short, also there was no talking between songs, it was just like OK NEXT song and then we can go. Shame what has happened?????

No new songs or nothing like that, it really seems as though the cranberries have had there day. One thing she did say at the end was, thank you very much to our loyal fans and I’m sorry that you don’t hear us on the radio or TV.

Well here’s hoping for the next concert although I can honestly say it doesn’t look like it will ever happen.


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Posted by Dess

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