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Hammersmith Ballroom, New York NY, USA (05.05.99)

Review #1 from Sal Iovine (Hammersmith Ballroom, New York NY, USA, 05.05.99)

I first heard about the concert on K-rock and I went totally crazy it was an amazing feeling since this is by far my favorite band and the whole idea that they will be touring again was unbelievable. I bought 7 tickets via the internet and we got section floor. Anyways Hammerstein Ballroom is located 311 West 34 street and it was F-n Packed. it was unreal how many fans showed up. I was so psyched. Sponge opened the concert up at 8:15 and to tell u the truth they were pretty good however I thought the singer was gay.. anyways.. they were better than Cracker (opened up for the cranberries at Fee to Decide Tour on Sept 6 1996). At about 9:00 the cranberries came out and opened up with Promises then Animal Instinct, Loud and Clear then Ode To My Family. What really made this concert so awesome was that the fans loved the new songs. It was Amazing it was like everyone heard the songs for years( unreal). The New album got dogged by critics especially from Spin and that mag sucks any way but who cares this album is excellent and has definitely found a spot with its predecessors. The Cranberries played many favorites such as Linger, Dreams, Zombie, When Your Gone, Can’t be with u, Sunday, Salvation and so on . I really wanted to hear Hollywood live and Free to Decide but it was not on the set list I guess. Dolores wore a black jacket with a metallic-like sports bra and black cargo pants. She later took her jacket to show off her physique. After the encore se came out wit a see tru dress it was red. It was see thru however she was wearing a body suit under it. This was definitely the best concert I ‘v been to not because they are my favorite band( Trust me I have been to Korn, U2, radiohead, 311, Dream Theater and they were not even close) Other bands try to distract you with flashy light bulbs but the cranberries distract you with Dolores’ beautiful voice and you can throw in her bra too.. Out of 10 I give this concert a 9. The set list was amazing because they played a lot of the old songs and a lot of the current songs. I hope this review will be on your web site I would appreciate it a lot if it is THANK YOU. THE CRANBERRIES ARE THE BEST AND I AM ALREADY WAITING FOR THE NEXT SHOW AT JONES BEACH ON AUGUST 14, 1999.

—Sal Iovine

Review #2 from Thomas P. Morgan (Hammersmith Ballroom, New York NY, USA, 05.05.1999)

WHEN waiflike Dolores O’Riordan gets in front of an audience, any inhibitions she has about performing are stripped from her psyche, and she lets her animal instincts take over. Wednesday at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Miss O’ and her band, the Cranberries, served up a terrific (albeit short) set. That program included all of the Irish quartet’s past hits, but it really made its mark when the band worked the songs from their just-released disc “Bury the Hatchet.” Although there are no tin whistles, pipes or fiddles in the arrangements, O’Riordan’s vocal inflections – which climb from her earthy mid-range to a tightly controlled soprano in yodel leaps – are very traditional. The boys in the band complement her warbling with jangly guitar pop that often intertwines with the drumming to the point where it seems every bit of its energy is aimed at rhythm, leaving O’Riordan alone to provide the melody.

In spite of O’Riordan dressing to thrill – first in a flashy metallic bra top and later in a see-through red dress – the real excitement was conjured when she and her band mates dove into the new songs, such as the vocally demanding “Saving Grace,” their inspired version of “Animal Instincts” and rocking “Loud and Clear.” Without question, the fans were wrapped in rapture for oldies such as “Linger,” “Zombie,” and the final encore tune “Dreams,” but it’s a rare rock show that features so much new material and gets such a heated, welcoming reception. The Cranberries as a band are also charming rock stars, since they project nearly zero pretentiousness on stage. There is no posing, and even though O’Riordan dominates as she prances across the stage with a hint of tomboy awkwardness, there is little question that the band is a band, rather than merely backup for her. Rumors were circulating at the Hammer that The Cranberries would be playing a return engagement later this summer. If they do, count that show among the season’s must-see concerts.



Review 3 from Vanessa (Hammersmith Ballroom, New York NY, USA, 05.05.1999)

HI, everybody fans and “cultors” of my GREATEST AND “LOVEST” FAVOURITE GROUP!!!!! DOLORES, FERGAL, MIKE, NOEL , YOU’RE GREAT!!!!!!!! And, Dolores, you’re my “idol” since I was teen-ager. I cut my hair quite like you at 16een and now (24 ) quite again: I love your song and you’re way of singing, and the music that all the group is able to create.. what such a feelings listening to your music!!!! what energy and also what sweetness!!!! My entusiasm is again at the top because I was at your concert in PRAHA, the 23rd of April, at PAEGAS ARENA: IT WAS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE !!!!

Once time again you’ve been gaving me something special.. for my soul!!

Thank you Dolores for your sweetness.. Do you remember? .. Do you still have the map of PRAHA on which a wrote to you a message , and also the other small block notes?.. I wanted to express you that you’ve been important for me, your songs , while I was a little teen-ager rebel in “her” soul. I found in your song a lot of what I felt.. and also I find a lot of what I feel , till now. Thanks.. what say? GREAT!!!!!

( Maybe One day we can take a coffe togheter, chatting and talking a little bit.. I ‘d really like to meet and talk a little bit with you… Maybe, Maybe..

I like so much Ireland, ( i’ve been there at 14een), and celtic music and traditions…and .. the Guinnes is my favourite beer.. ah aha haa… What more??!! ) MY friend are also enthusiasthic of the concert !! A great show!! SURE!!!!

And now , we ,all, have a little “Cranberries’ fever”.. They and me search fotos, videos, shows, and lives, discs, songs.. ehehhehe

Maybe we’re going to make a little music band ( i’ll try to be the singer.. because a like it.. and if so .. They MUST make me singing some of your songs.. I’m joking.. : Dolores .. you had a really great voice and energy, “expressivity”.. and the band all is great in music!!! )

I read on the official web site .. Fergal “toughts” about Praha.. I didn’t know you’ve been stay there for some days..maybe we were along the same streets.. mmmm .. It’s a romantic and melancholy city, nice.. don’t you think?

I liked the band-support who opened the show : brain-storms ( is it correct?): .. and When we listened … the intro of “Wake up..” our adrenalina become to rise.. and .. then the voice of Dolores starts.. and then WAKE UP _ WAKE UP :: it was an EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!! OF ENERGY !!!! GREAT!!!!!!

ALL THE SONGS , FOR ALL THE CONCERTS.. IN THE SWEET SONGS AND IN THE EXPLOSIVE ONES!!!!! and she was dancing really near us.. in front of us..running from one side to the another, and swinging her legs , and moving her hands, as she always do,( and nobody else does it), and as we see in the videos .. ( that for me was really great .. an emotion!!!) .. ( You ‘ve got beautiful legs!! :o ) , and your boots are your print!!) Fergal , you’re nice!.. and your drums really exciting :O) … Noel and Mike, greats!!!!!! guitars and bass: really flashes of adrenalina!!!!

I wished you gave us “some feathers ” of Dolores’ violet-boa.. :o ) ehe eheh

Thank you for making so great music!!!!! And being so kindly!!!

A big KISS

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