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Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, CA (16.04.99)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, CA, 16.04.99)

A very long time I had waited of the 16th of April 1999, the day I`d go to my first Cranberries-concert. That concert was in Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit. A lot of (good) bands have already played there.

I was there two hours before the concert began. Full of hope to see Dolores I sat down in front of the backstage – entrance. I asked some guys if it was possible to go in to see Dolores. Of course not. Through the wall I heard the Cranberries soundcheck. Suddenly the drummer Fergal came out. I took the chance to give him a letter for Dolores. He took the letter and disappeared. The Cranberries began with their new Single “Promises”. Dolores was dressed in a miniskirt, a T-shirt with a big black ” 5 ” on it and amazing cowboy boots. After “Animal Instinct” she played the keyboard to “Ode To My Family”. Dolores accompanied the songs “Sunday”and “Linger” with her acoustic guitar. Now and then Dolores asked her fans to sing. After ” Wanted”, “Saving Grace”, “You And Me” and a few other Songs , she played “Salvation”. She jumped down from the stage and invited the fans again to sing, on this occasion she rocked. When they played “I Can`t Be With You” and “Waltzing Back” Dolores stood at the mike again. When the first beats from “Zombie” sounded, all the fans rejoiced and sang every line together with her. The Cranberries played their songs brilliantly. Before “Pretty” Dolores changed her clothes. She sang ” Shattered” sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage. A spotlight shinned at Dolores and she sang the song quitely and with feeling. “This is the last song, thank you all” Dolores shouted before the Cranberries began playing “Dreams”. I waved to Dolores and screamed her name again and again. Singing the line: “I want more” she looked at me and waved back.

I was so happy. Dolores and her fans sang the rest of “Dreams” and at the end she said: “Thank you, Hamburg”. Then Dolores ran off the stage. I saw a white towel around her shoulder. Then Dolores , Mike, Noel and Fergal disappeared through a door.

—Anita Frolow

Review #2 from Dreams Never End (Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany, 16.04.99)

Having bought my ticket on the first day, it was a long wait to finally see the Berries…With high expectations I went to the show, and when I entered the arena (Freiheit is really small just 1500 people or so), I was a bit disappointed, cause due to the internet broadcast, they set up a moving camera in front of the first row, which is a bit annoying (other bands don’t allow this…), so I decided to go up on the balcony and see the show from up there, which was a good decision…After a short set of the support band, which was okay, although they should invest in some new drum samples (always the same…) Cranberries entered the stage at 21.30 and opened the show as expected with ‘Promises’, which makes a real good opener and gets the crowd going…

The set was the same as the shows before, so it was nothing of a surprise, but, hell, I know it is just a small tour and not many people will see 2 shows or more, so there is no need for exchanging the set veryday…Personal faves of the day included besides some of the new songs (like ‘Shattered’), ‘Daffodil lament’, which was nice to have back in the set and ‘I can’t be with you’ which was delivered in a great version. One thing though, I would’ve liked more of a mixture instead of the 3new songs / 3 very old songs scheme…I think that would’ve fitted better in such a location, although you couldn’t complain about the audience that was into the show, at one time, Dolores was sick of the cameras, she jumped from the stage, directly in front of the fans and sang ‘Salvation’ from there, which made very one go wild…All in all a good gig, although all this promotion and TV-stuff was a bit of a let-down, cause you don’t expect that, when you buy the tickets at normal price, which is a bit of a shame…Anyway, hope the Berries will return soon and play more gigs!

Review by Dreams Never End

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