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Fitzgerald Stadium, Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland (27.06.03)

Review #1 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

hey guys well just wanna say the gig was ab-fab totally. i came with my dad from england on my dad’s motorbike to see you guys and it was amazing. the 2nd time i seen yous live, and it was grreat.been a BIG fan for 9 years or there abouts! i got very close to the front which was wkd! volume mucho!! well anyways thanks for a wkd gig…all the best to y’all love gabby xxxx

Review #2 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

hello! i was at the killarney concert last friday, june 27! i came from montreal, canada, to see this concert! i was in the 4rth row, standing… IT WAS THE GREATEST CONCERT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! i have been a cranberries fan since i was 12 ( i’m now 20) and seeing my favorite band play in their country was a major honor for me!! I went in Ireland for 3 weeks… i wanted to go in ireland since i was 12, ever since i was a cranberries fan…it was my dreams of seeing my favorite band play in their country… and it finally came true! When i heard about the Killarney concert, i just HAD to go… When Dolores asked the crowd where they were from, and some of them were saying Cork, Limerick, Killarney, and i wanted to scream “canada” but i didnt… i thought i’d be the only one… it really was a very good concert even if it was short because it was more a counting crows concert than a cranberries concert, i enjoyed every part of the cranberries concert! i t! ook 4 films of pictures… some of them are absolutely great!! thank you for making my dream come true…i will always love the cranberries….marie-noelle, montreal, canada…thunder & lightning won’t change what i’m feeling…and the daffodils look lovely today!

Review #3 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

Hi Crans, needless to say how great it is to see the Cranberries in Ireland! I think, you felt the positive spirit from the people who were there. I came with my darling to Ireland for the first time just to see you and what I got were the best of my holidays ever. Your country and your people are so wonderful that I really felt in love with them. When you asked the public: Isn’t it good to be Irish? I was crying out: yeah! because on this special, wonderful day, I felt a little bit irish, too. And as you were playing Ode it makes my flesh creep (goose pimples?) (I hope that describes my feelings exactly, got it from the dictionary..). But for me the greatest song on this evening was Dreams, because I sang it the whole day long: as I was on the beach in Inch and on our tour through the fabulous Gap of Donloe…It was the perfect final of my perfect day!! I’d like to thank you for your music, the wonderful show and to all the nice Irish people and Irish Cranfans who made this trip so unforgetable to us!!! Lots of Love Alexandra from Germany.

Review #4 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

Hello guys.What a fantastic concert in Killarney.The weather was fantastic – the audience was fantastic – the Cranberries as always were fantastic.I moved to Ireland two years ago , now i live in Cork.I saw you twice before in Milan, and you were amazing; but i didn’t expect and i didn’t know you were so popular in Ireland.It was amazing to see the Cranberries in Ireland , it’s like the “Strawberries and Cream “, you couldn’t ask for more, could you?. I love the power and energy and good feelings that you deliver at your concert dear Cranberries.I was in Killarney with my wife (it will be one year marriage soon!!!:-) ) she never saw you live and she thought you were wonderful. She sais she couldn’t believe how good Dolores is on the stage – she just get you with her energy from the start to the end of the show – and what more – her voice is fantastic.Thanks Dolores ,and to you Mike Noel and Fergal to be normal people when your not on stage, and to be one of the best band in the world when you’re on it. As for the previous two concerts i liked everything from the first minute to the end.And also the embarassment of the band when you started “Dreams” (Webmasters note: It was at the start of the encore, during “Linger” when the P.A. system decided to take a ten minute rest!) and “puff” a blackout stopped everything.Lads, i’ll tell ya something – no matter what happens in the world , i will never miss a concert of the Cranberries in Ireland.See ya”’.Francesco , italian immigrant to Ireland.

Review #5 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

Made the trip to Killarney to see the Cranberries for the third time on the summer tour (Belfast, Milan and Killarney). Great outdoor setting for the concert with lovely sunny weather and spectacular scenery. We were about three rows from the front and had a great view. THIS IS THE DAY as a starter – followed by ZOMBIE and ANALYSE – 16 songs in total. A really good response from the crowd – lots of singing, dancing and waving – a really good atmosphere. Highlights for us were ODE (everyone in the crowd swaying along – Dolores dedicated ODE to her family who were in the audience) – SALVATION (everyone bouncing along) – NEW NEW YORK and PROMISES. DREAMS to finish. The Cranberries looked as though they really enjoyed playing to a home crowd in such a beautiful setting – Noel put a lot of energy into his playing – seemed to be breaking a few strings along the way. Dolores sounded and looked fantastic – so much passion and energy – a real dynamo – she wore a great red T-Shirt – with MOTHER on the front and ROCK CHIC on the back – together with red pants with frills down the legs.Thank you Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal for some great gigs this summer. Have a good holiday. We are really looking forward to the next album and hopefully, concerts in 2004.Nigel & Pamela

Review #6 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

Hey there!!! Just got back from the Killarney Festival Gig on Friday, The Cranberries Kicked Some Serious A$*!!! Long time fan, it was easily the best gig of the year. Cheers, for everything Cranberries, All The Best, Rob.

Review #7 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

hey, Just a quick thank you for such a great concert in should have been headlining.its the first time i saw ye play live and ye r unbelievable.i thought dolores looked great as well.she had the meg white thing going on with the red and white.thanks for a great night. best of luck during recording. john

Review #8 (Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Ireland, 27.06.03)

This was my 4th time seeing the berries this month and yet again in killarney you gave a fantastic performance. The shows are always incredible, 110% given and as a fan I appreciate it, I think sometimes people in Ireland forget how brilliant the cranberries are and what you all have done as ambassadors of Irish music. Thanks for a great show and hopefully you’ll be back on the road soon touring what I expect will be a great new album .Thanks again, Willie Ryan, Banogue, Ireland

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