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Deer Creek Amphitheater, Noblesville, Indianapolis, Indiana (04.09.99)

Review #1 from Brian Woodruff (Deer Creek Amphitheater, Noblesville, Indianapolis, Indiana, 04.09.99)

Hey, last night I went to the Indianapolis cranberries concert. It was so amazing, I just don’t know how to describe it! Collective Soul was awesome. They sang all their big hits, and some new ones. They sing really good live, on their last song “Shine” everyone sang with him the whole time, it was really cool.

AFter CS, there was about a 20-25 minute break before the Cranberries. Then the place went dark, and they started playing some music I never heard before. And then they burst into “Promises”. Dolores looked great. First she was wearing this blue one-peice sleeveless skirt with black boots. Then after “Go Your Own Way” she changed into a black thing (skirt I think). For the encore she was wearing this black dress with a black cape!! It looked pretty cool. I don’t know the exact order of the songs but I do know what all they played (anyone who has the set list I’d like to have it):

Promises: they did very good on this one, I was expecting “God Be With You” to be the opener, but I think “Promises” was a better choice. The crowd was loving them.
Loud And Clear: she said “this one’s about the tattling tabloids”. It was good to hear this one, since they hadn’t been singing it earlier in the tour.
Animal Instinct: they did a very good job on this one too, i really liked their stage set, the lightning towers were so cool
Ode to My Family: this was was very good, and the crowd was really getting into this one, since everyone knows it. Dolores was playing her keyboard on this one too. (Now is when I lost track of what order the songs were in)
Sunday: they did really good on this on, Dolores looks so cool playing her guitar!!
Linger: this was so awesome!! everyone was going crazy!! you could hear everyone singing it!! Dolores let everyone sing most of the chorus. I can’t believe I actually got to see the Cranberries, and it was so surreal, you know.
Wanted: this one was good too. they had strobe lights & stuff, it was really cool.
Go Your Own Way: this one was so great. Everyone was singing with her, and she told us to sing the chorus. I was jumping up and down and singing and screaming, I was having a blast!!
Salvation: This one was awesome. I was jumping so much and singing, Dolores is so great.
Free to Decide: I was so glad they played this song. It was the first Cranberries song i liked, and just before the concert started, I said I wished they’d play that song since they were’nt playing it at the other shows! She sang it for me!!!!
When You’re Gone: they did an amazing job on this one too. I love this song
Pretty: this one was really good too.
I Can’t Be WIth You: i love this song!! they did so good on it.
Waltzing Back: this one was really good too.
Desperate Andy: I was surprised they sang this one too, they seemed to sing more new ones at this show. Dolores said “This one’s about a geek!!.
Zombie: what can I say, wow!! Everyone sang and jumped the whole time. She let everyone sing a lot of it too
Ridiculous Thoughts: This was the highlight of the night for me! This is my favorite song, and Dolores did a great job on it.
ENCORE: (in the right order)
Shattered: I was surprised they didn’t do the piano thing and “Dying in the SUn”, but i wasn’t too dissapointed!! This song was amazing, there were little lights on the stage to look like stars. She did wonderful on it.
You and Me: this one was great too.
Just My Imagination: I love this song! Before it, she said “This is about being a teenager when you can go out and get drunk and it doesn’t matter!!” They did great on this one.
Dreams: They finished with this one. She thanked us a lot, and did an amazing job on the song. She was jumping and dancing on stage. Everyone was clapping their hands and singing with her. My throat was really sore, and i was losing my voice, but I still screamed and sang as loud as I could!!

This show was so amazing, they had a perfect set list, every song I wanted to hear they sang. I bought a bunch of Cran stuff. I bought a black t-shirt with the album cover on the front, and the N. American tour dates on the back. A poster, and the program. I highly reccommend bying the program. It was $20, and came with four postcards, and a limited edition 4-track live CD (Liar, Ridiculous Thoughts, Promises, Waltzing Back). I hope they tour again soon !!

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