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Coral Sky Arena, West Palm Beach, Miami FL, USA (07.08.99)

Review #1 from Ayxa (Coral Sky Arena, West Palm Beach, Miami FL, USA, 07.08.99)

I went to The Cranberries concert on August 7,1999 and it was unbelievable!!!!!!!! I couldn’t sit down for one second I was so electrified!!!!!!!!! The Cranberries have been my favorite band for 6 years and this was my first concert. Dolores’ voice didn’t falter once, it was perfectly melodious and the crowd was very excited and happy! Many people embraced and sang along to Ode To My Family. I was on cloud nine, I sang along to every song and I was in heaven. Dolores had three small pink butterflies in her once again short hair and she threw each butterfly into the audience, how could not have been more delighted. All in all, it was the best concert I’ve ever gone to and my most memorable and priceless one. I encourage all other Cranberries fans to do all they can to attend a concert. I wish I would’ve sooner. It was incredible!

Love Always,

Review #2 from Dave (Coral Sky Arena, West Palm Beach, Miami FL, USA, 07.08.99)

Review #2 from Dave I saw the cranberries show on aug 7 in west palm beach… i’ve seen them 3 other times and this was by far their best show…i’m trying to find the setlist, if you have it please let me know. thanks.


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