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Colosseum, Munich, Germany (27.04.02)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Colosseum, Munich, Germany, 27.04.02)

On April 27th 2002 The Cranberries played their last Germany concert of their World Tour in Munich in the Colosseum. Because my friend and I arrived very early in Munich we waited behind the hall for The Cranberries. After a long time a black car appeared, and Mike and Noel came out of it. We were able to shoot photos with them. Noel told us that Dolores would come to the show very late, because she was on the “Fruhlingsfest” with her children. But we still waited and after some time Fergal appeared. We talked to him and shot photos. The big luck to meet Dolores, we didn’t have. At this concert I stood in front of the stage, in the middle, exactly face to face with Dolores, when she stood at the mike. Just a few meter far from her. It was so unbelievable. The Cranberries began with “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” and right after it “Zombie”. Dolores went on stage with a marvellous mask and started to rock. It was fantastic to be Dolores so closed. Afterwards The Cranberries played “Analyse” and “Animal Instinct”. Then “Joe” and at “Dreaming My Dreams” the fans sang each line with her. “Ode To My Family” Dolores accompanied with her keyboard again. By the songs “Just My Imagination” and “Loud and Clear” the fans and Dolores were rocking. No matter if Dolores went right or left I could clearly see every move she did. When she stood very near at the edge of the stage at “Desperate Andy” I even could see the scare on her knee. After a short break Dolores came back on stage with another outfit and sang the quite song “Pretty”. At “Daffodil Lament” the fans sang it line for line with her. Just as the following songs “I Can’t Be With You” and “When You’re Gone”. Because Dolores stood at the mike with her guitar on that both songs, the whole time I could look in her beautiful green eyes. Sometimes she even smiled and closed her eyes. You really could feel what she wanted to say with the songs she sang. Next The Cranberries played “Free To Decide”. At “I Really Hope” Dolores said “This is a lovesong”, like she did it on the concert in Dusseldorf too. The songs “Salvation” and “Ridiculous Thoughts” The Cranberries played brillantly before they did another break. Dolores came back in a gorgeous dress and played “This Is The Day”. After “Linger” followed “The Concept” and “Chocolate Brown”. Dolores looked so sweet. Then they played “Promises”. At the beginning of the last song “Dreams” Dolores shared out flowers. She threw flowers right to a few fans. It was so unforgetable, when Dolores came to me the flowers in her hand, her head down, but then she looked up at me. Her bright green eyes were shinning so beautiful. It was amazing. She smiled at me after she threw the flowers to me. Then she took the last flowers and threw them into the audience.

After the concert my friend and I waited for The Cranberries at the hall. Of course Dolores was already gone, but we met Mike and Fergal again and they gave us an autograph.

—Anita Frolow

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