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Anfiteatro Luis Munoz Marin de Hato Rey, Puerto Rico (07.04.00)

Review #1 from Ian Santaella (Anfiteatro Luis Munoz Marin de Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, 07.04.00)

It was the 7th of April, the day The Cranberries were to be present at the Luis Munoz Marin Amphitheater of Hato Rey. The tickets valued at $38, and believe me that I would had paid much more to see this great band play. When we got there, they were already letting people in, checking for illegal objects, two of them which seemed to be my wristbands/bracelets, to this day I still don?t know what was wrong about them and why were they confiscated. Well, we had already gone in and it was obvious that no another soul could fit in that place. There wasn’t an opening band that evening, so Metallica songs were being played over the speakers. There were salesmen who were selling “sodas2 and “pina coladas” and on the stage there was a soundcheck going on. We got as close to the stage as we could and we had to wait a bit longer than supposed, but it was all worth it, definetly.

They opened the concert with their single “Promises” which made everyone jump and scream in excitement. Followed by Animal Instinct and Loud and Clear, which is being used as the headline for their most recent tour(Loud and Clear Tour 2000).

To tell you the truth, this was the first time that I really had a chance to listen to The Cranberries because I only had their debut album and after that one, then there came three more releases so you must know how far behind I am. I could only recognize the songs that had had the most radioplay such as Dreams (which I don?t recall of having listening it that evening),Linger,Zombie,Free to Decide,Ode to my Family,Salvation(it’s incredible live)…and others from their most recent album(Bury the Hatchet). After each song, Dolores thanked the crowd for their positive and energetic reactions towards the music.

Almost at the very end of the concert, she took a moment to tell us that that same day she had taken some time to visit El Morro(an old fort located on the coast of our capital city, San Juan) and how beautiful our island is. They played about 13 songs. As soon as they finished playing they disappeared from the stage causing a lot of people to scream out the following phrase which I believe not to have a literal translation to any language: “??una mas y no jodemos mas puneta!!” (something like:”one more and we won?t fuck around!”)This caused the group to come out again and play “Dreams”. After that, they left the stage to never return and a fan with lots of luck went away with one of the drumsticks used by the band’s drummer. But Dolores also got a present from the audience: someone trow her a lil present, it was a kind of hut, that was for a short time in the mood, I finded it quite ugly, but anyway the good intentions it?s what counts, right?

Wow! Unbelievable! I had seen The Cranberries live in concert! After that I only had a ringing noise in my ear. Their performance was by far better than expected. :-) Two days after the event, I found myself reading the newspaper, which indicated that the band had played “Dying in the Sun”, since I had never listened to that song before I really did not care, but when I borrowed Bury the Hatchet and I heard the song, I asked myself how in the world could they had played that song without a piano. This truly was the best day of my life.

A big kiss
Ian Santaella

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