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Forgery Songs

Description: This rumor was a particularly nasty one because not only did a very reputable Spanish fansite “confirm” its existence, but they also supplied fake cover art for a non-existant compilation and even an MP3 of the track. Unfortunately, as it ends up, the track is called “Press Play” and is actually by the Stone Temple Pilots. However, some people still circulate the recording.
Source: Spanish fansite

“Under to the Night” Duet with Rammstein
Description: This song rumor also spread quickly for the same reason above. (Another) very reputable Spanish fansite gave out an MP3 of the track. Although the female singer bare a very slight resemblance to Dolores, it is obviously not her. The rumor was so bad that the band themselves had to deny it.
Source: Spanish fansite

All of My Thoughts
Description: This rumor was written on a mailing list in 1997 to stir up some speculation. It was said to be the “new single” from a forthcoming “fourth album” called “Dreams Apart.” All of it was untrue.
Source: Mailing List

Description: Internet-based rumor, could be a typo for “How”
Source: Internet

Mission, The
Description: Some claim that this was the title to the band’s intro music during their 1993 tour, but there is no evidence to suggest that this was actually performed by the band.
Source: Internet

Fall, The
Description: Internet-based rumor
Source: Internet

Forever Holding You
Description: Mistake on bootleg listings for “Forever Yellow Skies”
Source: Bootleg

Sailor’s Grave
Description: This title appears on the tracklisting for the John Peel Sessions (1992) on the bootleg “Be With You.” The song is actually “Waltzing Back.” It is unknown if the band actually used this title, but more than likely, it is a mistake.
Source: Bootleg

Description: Humorous mistake on bootleg tracklistings for “Linger”
Source: Bootleg

Description: Mistake on bootleg listings for “Forever Yellow Skies”
Source: Bootleg

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2.02.2010 |
Posted by Dess