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Biography 1991-2001

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Band Biography 1990-2001

On September 6th 1971 came a very lovely baby on this planet , in Ballybricken, in Ireland . Her full name is Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan-Burton.

Her parents were Terence O’Riordan and Eileen Greensmith-O’Riordan.A few days later Terence got a Motorcycle accident and became disabled.

So he couldn’t do his work as farmer anymore. Her mum had to work in a kind foodcompany. Dolores had also 5 brothers and her oldest sister. They were a very strict Catholic family. By the way,outside that they had also other problems , like the oldest sister burned by accident their house. The neighbours helped the family O’Riordan to move to a new place. And Dolores got 1 time a chainsaw in her head when she threw it by accident from the roof of the barn. She had a wound in her head that had to be stitched. Anyway the life was just already difficult cause Dolores saw in her sister’s life what the destiny would be for Catholic girls. Marry , getting children and to work hard in the kitchen. And Dolores hated that destiny. And her brothers were also not so nice to her . BTW when Dolores became older she didn’t behave herself like a girl. She cut her hair short , only making friends with boys. Dolores thought also that it was much better to be a boy. But often she got the experience that boys refused her.They broke her heart. Later she admitted that she liked 1 of those boys, called Terry Wogan from Limerick.In the same time when she was young and a kind rebel girl , she loved to sing always , also already when she was a younger child. She learned to play piano and when she was 12 years old she wrote her first song ”Calling”. It was dedicated to a much older guy she was in love with. BTW Dolores survived her teenage years as a rebel girl , she learned too to play guitar , and when she was 18 years old she left her parents home. She went to live in Limerick together with boyfriend Mike Mahoney.She really wanted to sing in a band. But it was difficult to find a band yet. She sang sometimes in a few little bands but they didn’t have ambition. And in the same time Dolores didn’t get enough food anymore. At least via someone who knew Dolores told her that 1 band called The Cranberry saw us was looking for a new singer. Nail Quinn the singer went to leave this band. The other band members were Noel Hogan [guitars] his younger brother Mike Hogan [Bassguitar] and Fergal Lawler [drums]. For the band it was not so bad that he left , cause he wrote crazy songs . Dolores met the 3 guys ,but didn’t feel at ease immediately. But she did audition and the guys were impressed by her voice. And Dolores saw too that they could have a future . They gave her some intsrumental music and after 1 week she came back with ”Linger”; The guys were amazed. The fact became that Dolores was the new singer of the band . And so they began to write more songs. ”Sunday was the 2th song.

1990 – The band renamed The Cranberry saw us into The Cranberries , that was the wish of Dolores. In the same time Dolores private life was a hell. Mike Mahony abused her totally and used voilence. Back to the bussiness: They made demos and got a contract with Xeric Studios in Limerick. Their first demo was called ”Watercircle”. They made also the first demo of ”Nothing left at all”. They began also to perform in Limerick & Dublin. Much more people were interested in the band.

1991 – Already before the new year , Pierse Gilmore the boss of the Xeric Studios had made himself manager of The Cranberries. First it seemed good , but when he really got the control he became a dictator of the Cranberries.Anyway the band signed in 1991 a contract with record company Island records. And Pierse Gilmore wanted that the band went working harder and harder. In August the band filmed their first videoclip for the first single ”Uncertain”. In October 1991 released the ”Uncertain” EP. In the same year released also the 2th ”Nothing left at all” demo. BTW the EP didn’t get good results. And the press made it also too bad for the band

1992 – This year was still really hard. They began to record the first album under control of Dictator Pierse. It went too bad. He wanted to force the sound . The band couldn’t bear him anymore as a tyrannical dictator. He put too much pressure on the band. Especially Dolores couldn’t take it anymore. At least they dumped him and Dolores really got depressed by this , she became too sensitive. She could cry immediately and stayed for 1 month in bed . They found a new manager of Rough trade Management. And via the new manager they found a new Producer called Stephen Streets. They began again to record the first album in Windmill lane studios in Dublin. The Cranberries felt finally more freedom and the sound got finally big quality. In the same year Dolores broke forever with Bad guy Mike Mahony . Much songs were about him. Dolores didn’t want have a relationship with a man for a long time. At least after the summer of 1992 was the First album ”Everybody Else Is doing It ,So Why Can’t We” totally recorded. In Autumn 1992 they recorded the first videoclip of the first single ”Dreams”. In November released the single.

1993 – The last few years Dolores didn’t have short haircut. But this month had Dolores short brown hair . BTW In January they filmed the videoclip for the second single ”Linger”. The first song since Dolores has joined the band! In the same month released the single and came in the UK charts at 74. ”Linger” released too in the USA and became a big hit . It reached as number 8 in the USA charts. Around March 1993 finally released their first album ”Everybody Else Is Doing It , So Why Can’t We?”. The following months April , May , June etc. they really got busy months. They went tour in the USA supporting Mike Oldfield , THe The , Hotflower House , Belly ,Suede and in the end of the year also Duran Duran. But the singer became ill. In the same year they filmed also the second videoclip of ”Dreams”. Anyway by the tour the American people loved The Cranberries. The album did it also well. While touring Dolores got new inspiration to write new songs.Per example, she wrote ”Zombie” after a bombattack in Warrington by the IRA. There died a child. Dolores was so sad about this , that there died an innocent child . And she wrote much more songs , alot of them were about the pain of Mike Mahony. But on Christmasday 1993 she wrote a happy song called ”Dreaming my dreams”. Dedicated to her husband

1994 – This year became their success year. In the begin of the year they began to record their second album ”No need to argue” in London , again with Producer Stephen Streets. On January 14 they gave a great concert in Astoria in London. Dolores really was changed from an uncertain unhappy girl into a very happy girl and suddenly she loved it to be on stage. Before 1994 she didn’t like it that many people were watching to her when she was on stage. She played often Guitar , her voice sounded much powerfull , she danced a great Irish dance on ”Liar” a b-side from the first album. They played also the new written songs which should appear on the second album. This month they re-released the singles ”Linger” and ”Dreams” again . Now they were a more success . In the end of January they filmed the 3th videoclip for ”Dreams”. This video was not dark , but it gave more happiness. Everybody knows this video as ”The White Horse” version. While recording further the second album they appeared yet in 3 shows in London. In March 1994 Dolores went on holiday to the Swiss alps to ski. But she got an accident. The press came immediately with much gossips that the band would fail or that Dolores didn’t want tour anymore. But in fact her wrappers in her knee were torn.She had to go to the hospital and they had to operate her. She had to ly in bed a long time and she needed therapy. In April she became more better and began to work again. She made a duett with singer Jah Wobble. The song was called ”The sun does rise”. They filmed also the videoclip for this song. She weared longer blond fake hair. In june she performed together with Jah Wobble on a BBC show. And on June 11 The Cranberries returned back on stage. They played an acoustic concert on the Fleadh Festival in Finsbury Park in London. They played together with a orchestra. And Dolores had for the first time Blond hair. It was still the short haircut. In the same month she met the tour manager of Duran Duran Don Burton. She fell immediately in love with him. He too fell in love with her. He already had a little son. BTW They dated for 10 days and they decided that they wanted marry. The great day took place on July 18 1994 at the Holy Cross Abbey in Tippery in Ireland. But her dad missed the dress. After they left the church they went to ride on a little romantic drag apealed by 2 horses. After the marriage they bought a house in the South of Ireland , in a Gealic area . In the end of July and in August they went to tour in the USA. They apeared too on the Woodstock festival in New York on August 13. In September They filmed in USA and Northen-Ireland [Belfast] the videoclip for the first single ”Zombie”. In Ireland they filmed too the videoclip for the 2th single” Ode to my family”. ”Zombie” released too in september. In October released the second album ”No Need to Argue” which became a world wide success. In October they began also with the ”No need to argue” tour for months through Europe and the USA. In November they released the second single ”Ode to my family”.

1995 – The Cranberries were finally world wide the most famous Irish band of the moment. ”Zombie” reached world wide very high in the charts. Like in Holland it reached the 3th place in January. The videoclip was too a big hit on MTV . The Cranberries were further busy with the ”No Need to Argue” tour. And the press followed the band very much too. In February they toured through Europe , in England they filmed the video for the 3th single ”I can’t be with you”. Dolores weared fake long blond hair the whole month. On february 14 they recorded in New York City the MTV unplugged show , which became a hit on MTV later in 1995. They performed here 3 new songs :”Free to decide, I’m still remembering ” and ”Yesterday’s gone”. This is the only time that they played ”Yesterday’s gone” so far we know. This song has never been released as studio version. The other 2 new songs got a future.In March they toured through Australia and Japan. In the same time ”Ode to my family” was a big hit on MTV Europe. In April they were back in the USA. Dolores showed again her real hair. This time it was again dark brown and short haircut . On April 29 they filmed their show in Columbus Ohio , USA. One day later they filmed the original videoclip for the 4th and last single ”Ridiculous thoughts”. At least they re-made a videoclip for the last NNTA single. In the second version they made use from the guy Elijah Wood from the original version and the filmed show from April 29 1995. Those videoclip released on MTV in summer 1995. On the ”STARS: BEST OF VIDEOS” DVD you can find both videoclips of ”Ridiculous thoughts”. May , June , July and August 1995 were really heavy touring months through Europe and USA. Dolores had the last 3 months red hair. And in July was ”Ridiculous thoughts” released as the last NNTA single. On the last day of August 1995 they ended the NNTA tour. On september 12 1995 she appeared in Italy, Mondena on the benefit concert ‘Pavarotti & Friends together for the children of Bosnia” . She performed ”Linger” together with Simon LeBon and ”Ave Maria” together with Pavarotti. Still she had red hair.

Despite the big success of The Cranberries Dolores was again depressed. In fact it was a difficult year by too hard working [ NNTA tour] and the press who followed the Cranberries too much. Dolores was too obsessed by the death. In the new written songs she remembered back to died people , famous [ JFK , John Lennon and Kurt Cobain] and not famous [ Her Grandfather Joe and Danny Cordell from Island Records who signed the Cranberries]. She was too worried by the awful war in Bosnia. That’s why she took place in the benefit concert and she wrote too about it. On November 23 1995 they won for ”Zombie” an award for the ”Best Song” at the MTV Europe Music Awards 1995 in Paris. They performed also ”Zombie” at this MTV Europe music awards. She had shaved her head. It was a very short brown haircut. In the same month and also december 1995 they recorded the thirth album ”To The Faithful Departed” in Windmill lane studios Dublin and this time with a new producer : Bruce Fairburn. This time The Cranberries were also the co-pruducers. This album got a more rocking , wilder, darker sound. Dolores went more screaming like in the songs ”Hollywood , Forever Yellow skies , The Rebels [The Chorus] etc” .

1996 – In January Mike Plotnikoff went to mix the new recorded album. In February the Cranberries promoted at the Sanremo festival their upcoming antidrugs single ”Salvation”. In March they filmed in Paris the video for ”Salvation” . In April they appeared in different shows and they released the first single and in the end of April released the thirth Cranberries album ”To The Faithful Departed”. In May 1996 they began again a very heavy tour: The ”Free to decide” world tour. This time they performed too more in Asia . They went too to New Zeland and in June they toured much through Australia. In July they filmed the videoclip for the second single ”Free to decide”. This month released the single too. It didn’t reach the charts well like the the big hitsingles from NNTA album. But still the real Cranberriesfans were positive about the band. The press gave this time also more negative reaction. In August and September they toured in the USA and Canada [a bit]. Dolores became too thin. Dolores ate too little, drunk alcohol and smoked very much in those stressed touring months. On September 4 they performed with ”Salvation” at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. Dolores still had dark brown hair , only it was a little bit more growing. In the same period they filmed too the videoclip for the thirth single ”When you’re gone”. In fact they recorded 2 videoclips. The first version was only with Dolores and guests in colors. In the second version you see the band performing in blackwhite and also you see shots in blackwhite from the original videoclip. And in the new version you see also the yellow little house [from the TTFD cover] burning. In September 1996 Dolores fell totally down by the so stressed hard working life. She couldn’t enjoy anymore , her body was too weak to work further. The Doctors gave her too advice to stop immediately. The Cranberries cancelled the upcoming concerts of the ”Free to decide” worldtour. The press came immediately with gossips like that Dolores suffered of Anorexia. BTW The Cranberries decided to take a long break. Dolores left Ireland and went together with husband Don Burton to Toronto, Canada [his home country].

1997 – Finally Dolores could enjoy the life again. She loved to be there in Canada. She found out that it was a very beautiful country. In this time Dolores had a weird red/brown haircut. Not short , but also not very long. There were made a few pictures , yet in Ireland, of this haircut, which the Cranberriesfans finally got to see in 2005 within the Zombieguide Forums. This year she couldn’t leave the music bussiness at all. She wrote a song for the ”The Devil’s own” Soundtrack . It was called ”God be with you”. She recorded it , produced it together with Bruce Fairburn [Co-producer TTFD]. Together with Noel she recorded the Fleetwood Mac song ”Go your own way”. This song released in 1998 on “Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours”. BTW Dolores life changed too this year. She became pregnant of her first baby. She loved to sing again and became happy again. It was wonderfull. The Cranberry guys really enjoyed too the free time. Fergal was traveling around the world , Noel opened his restaurant and Mike liked to watch soccer. In the second half of 1997 they went working again , they had to go to Toronto, Canada so to Dolores. She couldn’t travel to Ireland .Dolores had again brown short haircut. They began to write new songs for the 4th album in Metal Work studios in Toronto. On November 23 1997 Dolores’ first baby came in this world. He got the name Taylor Baxter Burton. Dolores dedicated some songs to him ,like ”You & me” and ”Animal instinct”. In 1997 there was too a crazy fan who sent weird emails. By those fan they wrote the song ”Such a shame”.

1998 – This year was again a work year , but they took the time they needed without stress. In Toronto in the Metal work studios they began the recording sessions for the 4th album ”Bury The Hatchet” . This time they worked together with co-producer Benedict Fenner. Dolores hair was growing and got finally a new longer haircut and she gave her hair blond color. The first 5 or 6 months of 1998 they recorded the album in different places , like the studio I just already called , later also in Castel Le Miraval in France , also a little bit in Windmill lane studios in Dublin and a bit in London. They mixed the album in London. Around May 1998 Dolores and Don returned back to Ireland and they bought a new house in Kilmallock in Ireland. After the summer they were ready with recording the 4th album ”Bury The Hatchet”. In November Dolores appeared for the first time again for the media. She and Fergal were invited by MTV at The MTV Europe Music awards 1998 in Milan. Together with Skin of Skunk Anansie and another member of this band they gave an award to Nataly Imbruglia for the best song of 1998. In December the Cranberries played for the first time after the break for public again. They were invited to play at the Nobel prize concert in Oslo. They performed ”Dreams” and the upcoming first BTH single ”Promises”. Since this time they had new live musicans, Steve DeMarchi [Guitars & backing vocals] and Russel Burton [Keyboards] , Dolores’ brother in law, who would fill the music within the concerts. In the same month they filmed in Paris the videoclip for ”Promises”.

1999 – Finally the fans could be happy again. This year was the come back of The Cranberries. New fresh album with new kind happy songs , a happy Dolores O’Riordan with first child, concerts etc.The first few months they performed in some tv shows to promote the upcoming single ”Promises”. Around begin of April released the first single. On April 12 they began with the European part of the ”Loud and Clear” world tour. In fact it was to promote the releasing album ”Bury The Hatched” which released on April 18/19 [Anyway this date was for Holland] . In begin of May the band and Dolores’ family flew to USA for their gigs on this part of the world. In the same time they went too to Toronto , Canada , there they filmed the videoclip for the second single ”Animal instinct”. Dolores really looked very lovely in this videoclip. A lovely white dress , flowers in her hair. In the same time they hired also a nanny for Taylor , who was too there in Toronto , which became news in 2004!! Anyway , after ”Animal instinct” videoclip Dolores cut her blond long hair again and her hair got dark red color. In May they continued in USA the ”Loud & Clear” world tour. In june it was no heavy month , only in the very begin of the month they performed in the USA. In July The Cranberries were back in Ireland and released the second single ”Animal instinct”. This month they took rest and live private life. Only this month they filmed in Ireland the videoclip for the thirth single ”Just my imagination”. In August they returned back to the USA for the American part ”Loud & Clear” world tour until september. Around August/september released the 3th single ”Just my imagination”. In October they only appeared on different tv shows in Europe. Especially to promote the 3th single. And the European fans couldn’t wait anymore. On November 1 they opened the second European part of the ”Loud & Clear” world tour in Rotterdam , Holland. Important note , this was my first Cranberries concert in my life. Finally I met them in real while I’m cranberriesfan since January 1995. BTW the whole month and a part of December they toured through Europe. On December 9 they recorded their concert in Bercy in Paris .

2000 – The first few months they took rest ,so Dolores could live her family life with Don and her son Taylor. But in April The Cranberries returned on stage , First in Puero Rico , 2 concerts in Mexico , and the rest of the concerts took place in Europe in April . This month released ”Bury the hatched: The complete sessions”. So again the album + all b-sides and some life stuff [ ''Shattered'' from Hamburg and some songs from December 9 1999]. The first 2 shows in May took place in South-Africa. 1 in Joannesbourg and 1 in Cape Town. About the last city Dolores wrote a new song , called ”Capetown” . Further in May and June they toured in Europe [exept Belgium and Holland] and in the end of June they performed too in Israel , Tel Aviv. All these months Dolores hair went a bit growing , not too long , and she had almost back her naturel brown color. In this time Dolores discovered that she was pregnant of the second child. In jule they toured yet and the fans could see her growing belly. They had to cancel the last few shows. On July 24 2000 they ended the ”Loud & Clear” world tour in France. This time it was a happy end of the tour in comparison with the end of the 1996 ”Free to decide ” world tour. This year released too the last single ”You and me”. The videoclip was taken from December 9 1999. Back home in Ireland , Dolores and Noel had written new songs for the next album ”Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’. They began the recording sessions . They chose Stephen Streets as the producer , who produced the first 2 albums. But this time he didn’t produced critical or unhappy songs like earlier , but happy songs. Dolores colored her hair dark blond. In November they gave yet a knd concert at Vicar Street in Dublin.

2001 – This month she only lived a private life. On January 27 she gave birth to her second baby Molly Leigh Burton. The whole family was really happy with her. Taylor was of course glad to have a new little sister. BTW in February the Cranberries continued record the 5th Cranberries album in Windmill lane studios Dublin. It took just a few months.Dolores cut her hair but not so short like in 1993/4/5/6. And she colored her hair dark red/brown. Before the summer they were ready ready with recording the album. They covered too a famous song of Elvis Presley called ”In the ghetto” , while recording the album. In August The Cranberries began a tour , but they did especially private shows for the radio in the USA. Already in Jule they wanted to film the videoclip , but it got 1 month delay. BTW in August they filmed the videoclip for the first single ”Analyse”. Only Dolores appeared in the clip. Original they used flying planes near high buildings. In September The cranberries toured in Europe , the official WUASTC promotion tour ,also for radiostations and festival bar. As you all know , on september 11 there were the terrorists attacks on the WTC towels in New York city ,committed by Al-Qaida , who had kidnapped in totally 4 planes. 2 of them went to fly in the buildings. The whole world was in shock. Dolores too. She new the city . BTW this month released the single ”Analyse” and also the videoclip [On the Dutch music channel ''The Box'' released the original videoclip]. But they immediately had to delete the planes out the videoclip. They reminded too much of 9-11.

Biography is written by Asjemenou Loeki Lion

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