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full information about Dolores is here

Full name: Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan Burton.
Status in the Band: sings, writes lirics to all songs, creates music for The Cranberries, plays on electronic and acoustic guitars, sequencer, flute, mandolin.
Birthday: September, 6, 1971.
Height: 5′3.
Weight: 100lbs.
Eye color : deep-green.
Hair color: brunet, but she alwas color in defferent colors.
The place of birth: Ballybricken, Ireland (near Limerick).
Parents: Terence O’Riordan and Eileen Greensmith.
Family status: Husband – Don Burton (former Duran Duran’s tour-manager), wedding – July, 18, 1994.
Alliance: 5 big brothers and matron.
Children: son Taylor Baxter Burton (November, 23, 1997), daughter Molly (January, 27, 2001), daughter Dakota Rain (10 apr.), stepson Donny (Don’s adulterate son).
Hobby: shopping, cooking, fishing, films.
Music Preferences : R.E.M., The Sundays, The Smiths, Sinead O’Connor, Duran Duran, Elvis Presley, national celt and african music.
Music education: choir, playing on organ and piano (since she was 5 years old), bar performances, playing on guitar (since she was 17 years old).
Education: college.
Place of residence: cottage in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, villa in Dingle, Ireland.


Full name: Noel Anthony Hogan.
Status in the Band: co-author of some songs, plays on acoustic and electronic guitars, mandolin.
Birthday: December, 25, 1971
Height: 5′9.
The place of birth: Moycross, Ireland (near Limerick).
Parents: Noel Snr ? Ann Hogan.
Family status: Catherine Nash, wedding – July, 8, 1996.
Alliance: an young brother Mike Hogan.
Children: daughters Rachel (Dec. 1999) and Sophie (March 2001).
Hobby: films, fishing (with Dolores), talking about football and religion, drawing on other people’s slippers, drinking in pubs, restaurant Portlys in Limerick (he often invites Dolores here).
Uses: mainly gibson les paul guitars, fender strats, 12-string (brand unknown), d’addario xl 110 strings, no picks.
Music Preferences: The Smiths, The Sundays, R.E.M., The Beatles.
Music education: self-taught person.
Place of residence: Ireland, together with his wife.
- the most unspoken member of the band
- he liked guitars Gibson
- He has a dog (St. Bernard)
- He and Mike were keen on break dance in 1980th.
- favorite food: nachos
- favorite movie: “trainspotting”.
- He was a telephone operator before he created the band
- “I grew up, listening to music, but I didn’t want to be in the band.”


Full name: Michael Gerard Hogan.
Status in the Band: bass-guitarist (acoustic and electronic guitars).
Birthday: April, 29 1973.
The place of birth: Moycross, Ireland (near Limerick).
Parents: Noel Snr ? Ann Hogan.
Family Status: married to Siobhan O’Connor, wedding – July, 6 1998.
Alliance: big brother Noel Hogan.
Children: son Jamie Patrick Hogan (October, 8 2001).
Hobby: bars, beer, skiing, runing.
Music Preferences: The Smiths.
Music education: self-taught person.
Education: learned electronics in YTS, he wanted to be an electrical engineer.
- he adores beer
- he is a band joker
- he always calm and imperturbable on cran-concerts
- Dolores didn’t like Mike on their first meeting
- Mike draws caricature of other band members
- “When people say, ‘You guys are fucking great,’ there’s the ching ching in their eyes, which means, ‘You guys are going to earn me a lot of money.’”.


Full name: Fergal Patrick Lawler.
Status in the Band: plays on drums and percussion.
Birthday: March, 4 1971.
The place of birth: Parteen, Ireland.
Parents: Myles & Audrey Lawler.
Family status: married to Laurie Guerin, wedding – April, 16 1997.
Alliance: 2 sisters.
Children: he has 3 childen (son Jacob – March, 2000, 3d child was born on 2005).
Hobby: motorcycles, camping, music, leaded section on official band site till 2003.
Music Preferences: The Smiths.
Music education: self-taught person.
Edication: college.
- friendly, talkative and overt
- he was a hairdresser
- he likes song “I Will Always” from album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”
- he likes song “Daffodil Lament” from album “No Need To Argue
- he likes song “Bosnia” from album “To The Faithful Departed”
- he likes song “Dying In The Sun” from album “Bury The Hatchet”
- he really adores to play Ridiculous Thoughts and When You’re Gone
- he was on backvocal some times
- Ferg is a relative of famous in Ireland actor Richard Harris
- Make and Noel met Ferg in central park in Limerick during break dance festival in 1980th.
- “Ridiculous Thoughts is pretty good live!”

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2.02.2010 |
Posted by Dess