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Biography 1994

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With no time to rest, The Cranberries began recording songs for their second album early in 1993 – songs that were written while on the road, touring the first album. Once again Producer Stephen Street picked up where he left off with the debut. Among the early numbers to be recorded in their London studio was “Zombie” and “Ode To My Family”.

With a little bit of breathing space after the initial London sessions, the band and Stephen took to the ski slopes of France where Dolores took on just a little bit more than she bargained for. A fall on a very fast slope caused some serious damage to her right knee. The leg had to be re-built and re-enforced with steel screws in a series of operations.

But she still managed to step out in style in July for her wedding to Canadian Don Burton. Life on the rock and roll road can lead to all sorts of flings and new friends. But shortly after meeting the Duran Duran tour manager on that early American tour, Dolores was telling friends that she had met the man for her. The wedding attracted the world’s press who watched as Don and his best man literally rode into town on a horse to marry his girl!

The couple took off on their honeymoon, backpacking and camping in Ireland. One of the places they visited was Dingle, in the heart of Ireland’s Southwest. They fell in love with the area and decided to look for a place to live there. It wasn’t just a case of the smoochies for Don and Dolores. Love was in the air for the other lads in the band who all had Limerick sweethearts to return to after the tours.

The pace was starting to quicken in their professional lives, however, and free time was being squeezed with even more requests for appearances around the globe ? requests that were almost impossible to turn down for a band that was beginning to step out as world stars.

But nothing could prepare them for the pace they were about to encounter with the release of the single “Zombie” in September and their second album “No Need To Argue” in October 1994. MTV awarded “Zombie” the best single of 94. And the album went on to sell a staggering 16 million copies, more than double the figure of their debut.

There is no fast lane to accommodate success like that.

“A career like this – you don’t go to university, you don’t get a degree. It’s no normal job. So basically, it’s really all down to luck,” says Dolores as she sucks in the past like smoke from an old cigarette. “We had a lot of success with the first album – and we were very young. And we felt the pressure to go back and record a second album, which we did – and we recorded a better album according to people “out there” because we sold twice as many albums as the first one.

“But instead of feeling accomplished, we just received more pressure. And the centre of our lives changed completely – 150 million per cent.”

The band kicked in to the massive “No Need To Argue” world tour, taking in England, Europe, North America and their first visit to Mexico.

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8.03.2010 |
Posted by Dess