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The site update is complited!

We have finished site update today. We rebuilt site desing & structure. Site uses new CMS now. So it will be much easily to add & edit articles. We hope that you will like our new design. Stay with us.

    -- posted by Dess (9.03.2010) __________________________________________________

2010.02.01. – Site is under construction

We began to change site structure and design. Site won’t be closed, but some links won’t work for a while. Don’t worry, we will make the work in a week or two. You will get the best Cran-site.;) Stay with us.

    -- posted by Dess (1.02.2010) __________________________________________________

2009.02.04 – Download a Super concert in San-Sebastian!

You can download the great Dolores’ concert in San-Sebastian 2007 in DVD-quality right now!  This concert is uploaded online for the first time! And It’s in great quality!

Links of DVD-version of concert in Video-section. Size – 2750Mb, length – 1hour 13min.
It’s one of the best Dolores-Cran concerts we have ever seen! Enjoy! There are several screenshots:

    -- posted by Dess (4.02.2009) __________________________________________________

2009.02.03 – Video-section is working AGAIN!

Our site begins provide tons of Cran-Dol-video stuff again! Check out our video-section. It’ working again! We just begin to restore all stuff, so there will be much more video! Check the site for updates. More Cran-video everyday!

Right now you can download Dolores’ 2007 concert Avo Sessions + 12 live-videos

Really exclusive videos (including great-quality Moscow 2007 concert) will be available soon. Have fun! The Cranberries forever!

    -- posted by Dess (3.02.2009) __________________________________________________

2009.01.18 – Download video of new The Cranberries’ performance!

Download high-quality record of The Cranberries’ performance in Dublin (9 January, 2009)!:
Download video (115mb) – Linger, Ordinary Day, Zombie

    -- posted by Dess (18.01.2009) __________________________________________________

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